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  1. roccosbike

    Valve spring tools

    I wanted to see if i could swap the valve springs off one of my mini bikes as easy as possible so i made out of an old spark plug and air compressor nipple welded together the tool to compress the valves with air and another tool to squish the valve spring on the bike to get the spit keepers...
  2. roccosbike

    Racing engines and PCV valves

    What's your thought on this, I think they would take power away from your engine. My thought is to just run your crankcase vent to a breathing catch can. I may be wrong on this, What do you guys think? The stock engines have a PCV built into the Valve cover.
  3. roccosbike

    Moto scoot This thing is right by me.
  4. roccosbike


    This is my Coleman, I just installed the juggernaut on. The engine has been stroked to a 208cc along with other mods. The bike runs real good with smooth acceleration
  5. roccosbike

    212 Hemi

    I recently bought a new trick crankshaft that's made to install the connecting rod and flywheel from a GX200 into the Hemi predator I have. So my plan is to take the now tired engine off my Dirt Drag bike (gray hound clone) and use the cam and flywheel in the Hemi. I did buy a new connecting rod...
  6. roccosbike

    Super hot coil

    where can I buy one Honda clone. LMK Thanks
  7. roccosbike

    look at This little bike at that price this bike is a bargain!
  8. roccosbike

    Dirt Drag racer

    Just needs a rider
  9. roccosbike

    3-1/2 hp Tecumseh

    Custom 3-1/2 hp engine, Brand new short block, never ran yet....Just got done with it.
  10. roccosbike

    Duck Chopper
  11. roccosbike

    Hopped up hs50
  12. roccosbike

    125' drag racing in the dirt

    Ok I live in the burbs of Chicago and this kind of thing is a lot of fun but there is not enough of it. Maybe there are events I don't know about closer to me. I know things are seasonal around here but there has to be fun things like this to do I may not be aware of. :shrug:
  13. roccosbike

    1970 Tecumseh H35 for sale

    View image in gallery View image in gallery This is a good engine for your build off project....It is rebuilt repainted and just plain cool This engine is steel sleeved and has a mechanical compression release from the factory, very rare engine.$250.00 plus shipping or pick up in...
  14. roccosbike

    5HP Briggs Billet Crank

    I need one of these LMK what you have Thanks.
  15. roccosbike

    11 HP Clone parts

    if you need this stuff give me ten bucks and come and get them or pay for the ride.
  16. roccosbike

    Tecumseh Connecting Rods

    Does any body know if there is a small Billet rod that will cross reference or should I say share the same dimensions as the Tecumseh 25-0-11 Rod. I have an old H35 I'm playing with and a Billet rod for this motor would be awesome.
  17. roccosbike

    24mm mikuni and intake for briggs raptor

    Looking for new or very good condition VM24 Mikuni and Billet intake for a Briggs Raptor engine. Pulse fitting on intake a plus.
  18. roccosbike

    Mud Dog Polaris powered Dune Buggy

    View image in gallery I built this about 10 years ago and over the years had a lot of fun with it. a couple years ago I let my brother bring it to Texas so my nieces and nephews could play with it. I recently got it back and put another Polaris engine on it I had in my stash so its...
  19. roccosbike

    Nice Bird mini bike

    Mini Bike