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    my son and my build

    so my son and i picked up a mini bike frame and engine from a friend of mine. was missing some things, but nothing we couldnt handle.
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    new from michigan

    hello all new here so i ask lots of questions. my son and i received a mini bike roller and are in the process of rebuilding. this is our first endeavor into the world of mini bike and so far we are having fun.
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    another Tecumseh carb question

    i have read through a ton of post, but still have a few questions. i have a Tecumseh HS50-67001 engine but it didnt come with an intake or carb. i dont want to dump a ton a money in it at the moment just wanting to get it started. can i use any carb that is for an hs50 engine like the ones in...
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    what is it

    hello all first time poster. anyways a friend gave this to my son on the condition he gets to ride it when its done. came with a tecumseh hs50-670001 engine but no carb. so looking for one that is cheap cause we dont know if the engine even runs. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks