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  1. J

    Useful video return spring

    I found this earlier after spending around four hours trying to find a solution for this.
  2. J

    212cc Predator sit for a year and will not start

    The title sais it all my bike sit for around a year and will not start any ideas how I can get it going again? This engine is also semi new it was only used around five times.
  3. J

    Bird attacks motor bike!

    My friend was testing his camera and this happened!
  4. J

    Restored Manco Trail Cat $475 ohio

    Found this while doing my daily craigslist search it looks nice. Vintage Manco Trail Cat mini bike Freshly painted 5hp Briggs and Stratton motor Brand new base coat clear coat paint Brand new brake system and clutch cover Brand new controls and kill switch Tires have great tread on...
  5. J

    Nice craigslist find ( Indian Papoose)

    I dont think this bike is worth $900 myself but it is a nice bike to look at. For sale is an Indian Papoose mini bike. The engine that is original to the bike is 50cc, and turns over freely. There is also another 70cc engine that is for an Indian mini bike that does not turn over freely. The...
  6. J

    Mavericik II Minibike

    Im looking to sell my Maverick II minibike I turned this bike into a adult sized bike and put a brand new 212cc engine on it. This isnt the most original bike as I made this for something to have fun with but the engine runs great. Looking for $250
  7. J

    Maverick II

    Nice Maverick II minibike. Maverick mini bike fully restored 212cc engine
  8. J

    Looking for a new project (Local only)

    Im looking to spend around $100 on a working project bike and when I say working a good engine and a good frame. I live around chillicothe ohio and it would have to be a local deal send me a private message if you have anything.
  9. J

    Almost got a big fine!

    Today I fired my minbike up and took a ride maybe five minutes up the road and on the way back two cops pulled me over and followed me back to my house and they nearly gave me a fine but I talked them out of it. I told them I had just made the bike and was testing the chain and they ended up...
  10. J

    Site glitched?

    When I check my post on my profile I cant find any of them I also tried a search and that doesnt work did the admins do a mass post/thread reset?
  11. J

    Original 1970 Benelli buzzer

    Was looking around on ebay and found this the current bid is $100 and local pickup in tennessee but everything looks original this would make a nice project. 1970 Benelli Buzzer 65 CC Minibike Fixture Project or Parts Will SHIP | eBay
  12. J

    Manco Trail Cat

    I dont think this is really a manco but it looks like a nice bike for $300. vintage Manco Trail Cat Mini Bike
  13. J

    Nice craigslist find

    Not sure if im going to buy this yet but a nice Kawasaki for sale. Kawasaki Mini Bike (vintage) How much should I offer? I was going to throw a $150 offer if the engine runs.
  14. J

    Best brake system?

    I have a maverick II frame and a 212cc predator engine what would be the best and cheapest way to make a brake system? So far I found a clutch brake system for $50 which is a bit out of my spending limit. This isnt my bike but it shows the basic frame outline.
  15. J

    I need a few parts

    I need a few mini bike parts I will list them below I live in chillicothe ohio it would have to be local pickup. Parts I need: Chain and clutch guard for a 212cc predator motor. Clutch brake kit Set of street tires If you have these send me a private message, Thanks.
  16. J

    Almost finished with my bike

    Picked this frame up for $60 mid condition and bought a predator 212cc engine, What do you guys think? Also can anyone tell me which model this frame is? The frame is large and I have never seen one before.