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  1. Cloneguy

    titles/paperwork. - i am so stupid

    so, I have 4 bikes. 2 Baja DB30s, a Baja warrior and a motovox mbx10. the last 2 I got quite some time ago and the last 2 within the last 2 weeks. I never got any papers with them, they were all secondhand. here in Michigan, to get a 'title' so you can get a trail sticker you need an...
  2. Cloneguy

    chain question

    is 420 chain the same dimensions as 41 chain? wondering because i broke my front drive chain on my warrior and the chain on itnow is 420 and i can only find 40 and 41 locally. thanks in advance!
  3. Cloneguy

    what does $100 buy you?

    apparently a baja warrior with the predator swap already done! needs clutch work but it runs! :laugh: the advantages of yard sale-ing
  4. Cloneguy

    man am i lazy...

    i actually got the mini out to go get the mail... granted we got a 450ft driveway... what did you do on yours today?
  5. Cloneguy

    motovox mbx10 question

    will the 99cc predator fit in this frame without modding? may be hitting harbor freight tomorow and might pick it up if it will.
  6. Cloneguy

    a few engine questions...

    first of all, is this damn thing a Honda g150? it came off an old toro edger. no markings whatsoever except to say that it was made in japan and theres stamping on the back that says 's150'. heres a few pics- and then I have not so much a question, but an observation. on the motovox...
  7. Cloneguy

    gx160 /clone service manual?

    Was wondering if anybody has a downloadable service manual for the gx160 or the clones. If somebody already asked this before I'm sorry. Posting from my phone and the search function don't work that well
  8. Cloneguy

    this just shows how tough they are...

    got this Jiang Dong 5.5 from the junkyard a few weeks ago. was on a rototiller that the gearbox stripped out on. looks to have sat outside for years. took the gas tank off as it was so rusty it leaked. yes, if you were wondering, it runs. just cleaned the carb. aint got a video but maybe...
  9. Cloneguy

    1970 Pak Jak

    heres the pics, as promised :laugh: its from 1970. serial number 40. from what little ive found, there were only 125 made. original Tecumseh engine. ive never done no paint touch ups or anything to it. just a little dusty. belts a little worn. it will only do around 10-12mph. I have the...
  10. Cloneguy

    new guy from Michigan

    Hello all. my names Patrick. im 20 and from mid Michigan. glad to be here. not new to bikes or engines in general. got lots of stuff with engines and ever since I was little was interested in such stuff. got snowmobile and tractors as well as bikes. found myself here after looking for...