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    valve guide reamer

    looking to purchase TEC valve guide reamer #670283, please let me know if you have one you would like to sell. I purchased oversized valves and the reamer only to be notified they didn't have any reamers left .
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    roadster2 partially reassembled

    Just missing one small thing, attempting to rebuild HS40 correct engine , had to order oversize valves, pistons and most everything else, hoping crankshaft is good enough and block isn't to worn , just a backyard mechanic here so probably will be asking for help during reassembly.
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    HS40 rebuild

    This is what I bought 1972 HS40 55388C here is a few pics of what i started with and where I am at . Just ordered a bunch of new parts then i still need to figure out if I need a complete rebore or if I can get away with honing and and new piston and rings . same with valves seems a bit sloppy...
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    HS40 lighted flywheel

    My flywheel has worn where the starter cup engages, has anyone ever had one of these repaired , I thought it was aluminum but when I took it to the welder he said it was magnesium and couldn't be welded. He said we may be able to weld something on to starter cup to make it work but i would...
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    HS40-55388C Carburetor?

    I bought this engine and was wondering if this is the correct carburetor , if so I would like to rebuild it but I'm not sure what parts number the carburetor is . Can anyone identify this from the pictures and is it correct ? Thanks for any help, Mike
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    Looking for a HS40 lighted engine any help in locating one would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike
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    1972 Rupp Roadster2

    I'm trying to restore my rupp roadster2 it is in good condition and running but when i tore it down I realized it had a HS50 enging in it without the lighting coil and after looking online I realized it is nearly impossible to find a flywheel with lighting coil for the HS50 or to find the HS40...