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    Manco Trail Cat frame $150.

    I have for sale a very nice Manco Trail Cat frame that is complete except for fenders. Fresh paint and wheel bearings. Cannot ship. Located near Fort Wayne, Indiana.
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    What is it?

    I picked this up the other day and was wondering what it is? Has a 2.5hp Briggs that doesn't belong on it. Any thoughts?
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    The Mighty Midget

    I thought I would post a few pictures of a project that I completed recently. It's a representation of a 1930's Midget race car. I built it here in my shop. It has a 63 inch wheelbase, a 212 Predator/Comet torque converter, go kart axles, spindles, etc. The body is hand made from a variety...
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    Front Fork Mod

    With the addition of a smaller width wheel on the front of my Baja, the front end just didn't look right. The fork tubes were way to wide. So I sectioned 3 inches out of it to narrow it up, made a new aluminum top plate, stuck it back together. I think it looks way better. I also added a...
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    Can anyone identify?

    Latest garage sale find. Any ideas what it is? Cool leopard skin seat. Was originally purple, I think.
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    Rear sprocket

    I am in need of a rear sprocket for an MTD Western SS300. It has 3 bolt holes.
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    Don't know what it is!

    Latest Craigslist find. Any ideas on what make it is?
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    The WHIZZ is back!

    After stupidly selling this bike a couple of years ago, I finally got it back. I traded for it at the Portand, IN bike show. This was always my favorite bike and, like a dumb a**, I let it get away. I have built several of these over the years but this one was the best. :thumbsup
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    Finally finished

    Well, after an entire winter of procrastination and dilly-dallying, I finally finished (?) my Baja Heat (or Warrior....I forget). I used a 212 Predator from good ole Harbor Freight and a torque converter clutch. Other than that, it's pretty much stock. I re-located the fenders for a better...
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    Need Clone gas tank

    I need a gas tank for a Predator 212 (or 196) that has the cap on the right (passenger) side and has angled mounting studs. I am putting this on a Baja Heat and I don't have clearance under the fake tank to access the gas cap on the stock Predator tank. If you have one, contact me here or PM...
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    Manco roller restored Northeast Indiana

    I have for sale an early Manco that I restored over this past summer but used the engine for another project. It has been sandblasted, etch primed and painted. Wheels have new bearings. The seat has a couple of bad spots that I covered with tape, but is still usable. The frame and fork was...
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    Need ideas on next project

    I picked this bike up for a song and have had it laying around so I decided to stick it up on the lift and see what I could do with it. It had a 5hp Briggs on it, but it needs rebuilt. I'll probably go with a 212 Predator and a TAV 2. I need some ideas for paint color, wheels, etc. I know...
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    Bird mini for sale

    I am selling my Bird mini bike that I restored. It has a Honda clone 5.5 hp engine, new Max Torque clutch, new #35 chain and the very desirable turbine wheels from a Rupp. It runs, rides and stops just great. $375. If you would like additional information, contact me at
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    Help with I.D.

    I picked this up from a guy who had a whole barn full of junk. Don't know what make it is. I know the engine is a clone and is obviously not original, but I think everything else is. Any ideas????? Thanks
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    Need Bird Duck kickstand

    I am rebuilding a Bird Golden Pinto and I need a kickstand. I think it is the same as the Bird Duck.
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    Rupp question

    I picked up a mid '60s Rupp Cub that doesn't have a kick stand and doesn't look like it ever had one. Did these minibikes come without a kickstand? Also, what is the difference between a Cub and a Rascal? Thanks for the help. Mike
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    NOS Hand grips

    I have 30 NOS hand grips that have the name "Cherry" on them. They measure 4-1/2 inches long and are for 7/8 inch bars. They could also be used for foot pegs as well. I would like to sell them all for one money.....$125 shipped to your door. Thank you for your interest.
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    I have 3 mini bike handlebars that are in new condition. No rust or pits and the chrome is perfect. 2 of them are brand new and the third one may be also. I don't know what model bike they were originally made for, but they can be used on most any mini bike. They measure 7/8 inch. I would...
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    NOS rear fenders

    I have 10 NOS rear fenders that I got from a retired guy who had them in his attic for 25 years. I don't know what bike they were made for specifically, but they could be used on most any vintage frame. I used one of them on the front of an old mini bike by trimming the portion that is...
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    Puma or Baja Heat/Warrior Tank

    I have for sale a decorative (fake) tank that is new, but is missing the cap. This has the Puma decals but it is the same tank used on the Baja Heat or Baja Warrior. It has a couple of very minor scuffs from being moved from shelf to shelf in my garage. I need to get $40 shipped to your door...