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  1. John G.

    Rupp Roadster
  2. John G.

    1972 Speedway Blue Angel

    1972 Speedway Blue angel 14" wheel, totally restored runs and drives great. 5hp tecumseh engine that starts easy runs great without noises and smoke. Nice clean frame no rewelds or chops. Handlebars, front and rear fender and torque convertor are re chromed. Many new parts, tires, tubes...
  3. John G.

    Speedway Blue Angel
  4. John G.

    Clutch, TQ cover bracket

    In need of one of these, it measures 2 3/8" tall from highest point of top to the flat bottom. Can be longer not shorter. PM me, thanks for the help
  5. John G.

    Not mine, but pretty cool
  6. John G.

    Speedway Decal needed

    In need of a Speedway Red baron tank Decal. Will pay cash, paypal or i have some decals to trade if thats your thing, mostly Cat decals, 5hp tecumseh indian head engine decals, and later 90's tecumseh indian head engine decals. Pm me, thanks John
  7. John G.

    Help, i lost my membership

    Help i seemed to lost my supporting member status. I paid on Sept 1st with paypal and now iam no longer a supporting member:confused:
  8. John G.


    Not mine but cool,
  9. John G.

    1970 Hpe Muskin Cat 400x Roller

    For sale is a 1970 Cat 400x roller. I was gonna keep this one but have way too many projects. Original paint in great shape for its age. Frame in good shape no cuts or re welds. Recovered seat, rolls freely. Original carlisle tire up front, General tire in rear, both in good shape, not dry rot...
  10. John G.

    Speedway Parts 14" wheel bike

    In need of a 14" wheel speedway rear fender. Also need the two chain tensioners.
  11. John G.

    WANTED $$ Cat Clutch Cover $$

    Need a few cat clutch covers. Short, medium or long its all good. PM me a price and pic. Also have cat parts to trade, if you need something. :wink:
  12. John G.

    Tecumseh Lauson Carb

    Tecumseh Lauson diaphragm Carb. Came off a 3 hp. It is untested. part# 52 1c9 Everything looks good and moves freely, should just need a cleaning and diaphragm. $50 shipped. Paypal as friend or add 3%.
  13. John G.

    Rupp caliper TT500

    Rupp caliper brake, good shape operates well and pads are in great shape. Bolt on and go. $55 shipped. Paypal as friend or add the 3%
  14. John G.

    WANTED !!!! Cat Parts, $$$$

    In need of a couple cat clutch covers, short or long, painted or chrome does not matter. Also need 2 large switch plates. Will pay the big bucks for the right stuff..$$$ Cash in now and pm me, with a pic. Paypal ready to go :laugh:
  15. John G.

    1972 Tecumseh H25

    Mini bike correct 1972 Tecumseh H25 off an Alexander Reynolds mini bike. It has a 3/4" by 2 1/4" tapped and threaded crank and is a rear exhaust engine. I put a new carb and fuel line on it to make sure its still alive. It runs pretty decent for an old engine, idles good, accelerates good.There...
  16. John G.

    Cat Eliminator Decals

    In need of cat eliminator handlebar decals. I need two but if you only have one thats cool also. I have other cat decals to trade for, or if you prefer i can do paypal also. PM me thanks , John
  17. John G.

    Original Cat Eliminator/Dominator Seat

    For sale is an original Cat eliminator/dominator seat . Perfect for your survivor bike or restoration project. No cracks,no tears,no rips, still soft and pliable. You will not be disappointed with this one. Plywood base was replaced by Manchester1/Karen, wood around t-nuts were dry and rotten...
  18. John G.

    Wanted: Cat 400 fork spring

    Looking for a cat 400x or cat r4001 neck/fork spring. Pm me if you have one. thanks
  19. John G.

    Wanted: 14" wheel Speedway bikes

    Looking for complete bike or mostly complete roller 14" wheel speedways. Red baron, Green horn, or Blue angel i aint fusy any will do. Pm me with what you have. Thanks :smile:
  20. John G.

    Fox on CL in PA

    Pretty decent deal for you fox guys in PA. Atleast i think its some sort of fox