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  1. joshua. c.

    Tecumseh h70 oversized piston

    I have a worn out h70 in need of a rebuild but cant find a piston. I need a 10 or 20 or 30 over oversized piston (new/un used), Not interested in a hole motor, shipping would cost to much.
  2. joshua. c.

    pull cord brand, which is best?

    There seems to be allot of very week pull cord on the market. I just got some from a Polaris dealership for my sled and it lasted less than a day before braking. I'll never buy that stuff again, the old rope lasted for years. (this example was a snowmobile but this is an issue for mini bikes...
  3. joshua. c.

    new freight train braking idea.

    I had a new idea for additional braking on freight trains. most trains probably don't need it but I have heard of some horror stories about braking failures, so it got me thinking, what if you added sails to the sides or top of every freight car that were folded closed against the car and that...
  4. joshua. c.

    chain derailment fix ideas.

    chain derailment is one of the biggest issues plaguing mini bikes. especially bikes with rear swing arms and there are a few ways to fix it. one very common way is to make a spring loaded tensioner. solid tensioners are also common but only really work on hard tale bikes. The problem is even...
  5. joshua. c.

    A big hindrance to the growth of snowmobiling

    in my personal opinion the biggest hindrance to the sport of snowmobiling in the united states is the registration system. every state requires a sled to be registered in there state to ride in it. and some states have trail passes to cover maintenance and some don't. its pretty much impossible...
  6. joshua. c.

    mini bike motors with horns

    predator engines are often mounted without their tanks but did anyone else ever notice at the fact that the tank mounts look like horns.? its funny that the cheep engine replacing so many vintage motors has horns.
  7. joshua. c.

    not many builds with briggs inteck 6.5 ohv's.

    I keep seeing lots of threads about briggs 5hp flathead builds in this section but not many threads with the briggs and straton over head valve engines. The briggs 6.5 ohv is the engine the animal racing engine was based off of so can use all the hop up parts made for the animal. It has just...
  8. joshua. c.

    ridiculously overpriced ebay mini bike parts.

    Ive been noticing lately some actions starting with parts for popular bikes like rupps and speedways that have been started with such A high price that no one even bids on them. mind you ebay prices are high already and I've regularly seen these exact parts sell, in an auction, for around...
  9. joshua. c.

    don't like new adds

    I understand this site is in need of money but these new adds popping up in the middle of the forum list are the most annoying thing ever. Ill never buy a product advertised in such an intrusive way. if your going to put add on the site use the unused space in the margins on both sides of the...
  10. joshua. c.

    overpowering a 6 inch driven comet torque a verter? fixes? other clutch options?

    I have an ohh55 powered trike that I've been slowly modifying for more and more power. as of my last mod switching from the stock carb to a tecumseh 10 hp carb I gained a ton of power but now my driven keeps un winding itself. It keeps pulling the clutch cam past the rubber stops and looses all...
  11. joshua. c.

    tuning/mechanical issues caused the most un expected problems.

    I had a tuning problem with my bike. I put a temporary engine on my mtd trail flight so I could get it running while I re built and modified the original hs40. I put what I thought to be a good running carburetor on the engine. but It wouldn't run steady It would run for a bit and die then...
  12. joshua. c.

    cat endura fork lowers wanted.

    I need a set of fork lowers for my cat endura 10 inch wheel model I have the upper triple trees but no springs cups or fork lowers. I could also use a set of fenders and the original exhaust pipe and the seat pan, but the fork lowers are most important with those I could start the build as a...
  13. joshua. c.

    crazy idea to solve sea level rise

    I had a crazy but completely feasible idea about how to solve sea level rise. sea level rise is happening because more ice is melting from arctic glaciers than is being replaced. we cant easily fix the melting issue so that idea is out the window. to solve the problem we only have one other...
  14. joshua. c.

    juggernaut clutch question. they upgraded the driver, so when are they going to make an upgraded driven?

    the question is strait forward, the juggernaut is an upgraded driver that now mates to a stock driven. but that combo only gets you so far. so when are they going to make an upgraded driven with different possibly tunable helix angles? and it shoold preferably be lighter than the comet unit...
  15. joshua. c.

    thinking about how to trim down an h70 on a budget, (lots of questions)

    I have a speedway scorpion project that is nearly done and its now time to look at the engine. the engine is an h70 with points and a lighting coil and a plug in electric starter. I shouldn't need to use the starter very often when I'm done. I have a Tecumseh star billet rod that I heard fit...
  16. joshua. c.

    how do you make a spacer to keep a torque converter out of overdrive?.

    before I begin this is what I currently am working with. I have a bike and a trike with torque converters and un governed modified engines and I'm trying to get the most speed out of my current setup. I already upped the engagement to 3100 using the white garter springs for the driver and...
  17. joshua. c.

    bet not many have done this! hs50 shroud modified to fit on an un modified lighted hs40.

    I've been searching for a reasonably priced shroud for this bike since I bought it this winter and I've had no luck, the cheapest ones I saw on eBay would be around 80-100$ to my door, way to much money! this was the only part I need to get the bike running that I could not just order and I...
  18. joshua. c.

    wanted bonanza 8 inch wheel and bonanza tank

    I have a bonanza I'm working on with the big 8 inch wheels and the front one is missing and was replaced with wheel barrel wheel. I need an original front wheel to match the original rear. and Im also looking for the original gas tank for this bike. these two are the only items missing that I...
  19. joshua. c.

    to many tecumseh replacement carb threads

    Im getting a little sick of hearing about people junking perfectly good Tecumseh carbs for no reason and replacing them with stock type knockoffs and there seems to be so much discussion and knowledge about them but no one seems to know that much about the originals. from personal experience a...
  20. joshua. c.

    new bonanza project.

    this is my new bonanza I just bought it off craigslist. but after a close examination its in worse shape than anticipated. so far I've found out the engine is a latter model hs50 twin shaft snow blower motor (not original) with a home made clutch cover and moved to far over to the right for...