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  1. thejoker

    Healthkit boonies for sale.

    $1200 must pick up. PM me
  2. thejoker

    In need of a heathkit boonie shifter

    seriously need a original boonie shifter. Also could use a rear fender bracket with original paint ( original hardware would be awesome too). Lastly I need the bracket the cable mounts to in front of the jack shaft. Thanks Joe
  3. thejoker

    Nos white super bronc fuel tank For sale

    $100 takes it. Can bring it to windber
  4. thejoker

    69 Rupp parts for sale

    Parts vary from $200 to $30. Please pm me your number for pics or text me. Thanks Joe.
  5. thejoker

    Nos white Tecumseh fuel tank For sale

    Nos white Tecumseh fuel tank with nos fuel gauge. $85 shipped. PayPal as gift or pay the fee.
  6. thejoker

    Ap-4600 head light?

    I bought the head light and the switch knobs were broken. What are the correct switches to replace them with. It had 2 switches with on/off and high/low. I already have a replacement lense on its way for it. Thanks for all help.
  7. thejoker

    Montgomery wards VT525 for sale.

    $700 local pick up or can bring to windber. Needs a brake band and carb linkage. Runs and rides.
  8. thejoker

    So I picked up a few new bikes

    So what do you think?
  9. thejoker

    Tecumseh kick start for sale

    I have a used working Tecumseh kick start for sale $250 plus shipping. Pm me your number or text me and I'll send you pictures.
  10. thejoker

    Slingshot sissy bar wanted

    Need a nice cat slingshot sissy bar. Will trade a caliper or a chain guard. Or some other part. I do not want one of Corey's (bikebuddy's) garbage repops. Thanks
  11. thejoker

    Need super bronc forks

    Mine are twisted and broke.
  12. thejoker

    Looking for a super bronc engine.

    Looking for a lighted super bronc engine. I broke the crank shaft on mine and could use a replacement. The cheaper the better. Also if it ran that would also be sweet since I suck at working on these Tecumsehs Thanks Joe
  13. thejoker

    Looking for a super bronc battery box

    Looking for a super bronc battery box. Thanks Joe
  14. thejoker

    New 69 Rupp goat

    So I picked up a 69 rupp goat for $80. Any body have any ideas? Got a original front Fender and wheels coming too.
  15. thejoker

    Tecumseh HM80 weak spark?

    I changed the points, condenser and the ignition coil. Why am I still getting such weak spark?
  16. thejoker

    Ruttman original five spoke wheels fs

    $175 plus shipping. Pm me your number for pictures. Photo gallery is under construction.
  17. thejoker

    NOS cat grips fs

    $35 Plus $6 for shipping per set. If interested pm me you number and I can text pictures.
  18. thejoker

    Looking for super bronc and Hilltopper tanks

    In search of super bronc and Hilltopper tanks. I need 2 but will take what I can get. Thanks
  19. thejoker

    Scored another little gem.

    Of course A ndrew found this one also. Funny part is it was only a hour away from me.
  20. thejoker

    Benelli ski

    $40 plus shipping or I can bring it to windber.