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  1. Valocalrep

    Mb165 triple tree

    So I need a replacement tree for the Baja I'm working on this is what I'm working with who has one for sale?
  2. Valocalrep

    Baja MB165 fork tree

    So I need a replacement tree for the Baja I'm working on this is what I'm working with who has one for sale?
  3. Valocalrep

    Baja fork options

    It's been a while since I've posted but I'm backkkkkkk. Let's hop right in shall we. My buddy picked up a Baja (not sure if it's a mb165 or mb200) from a friend of mine but the forks are bent bad. What are his replacement options? I'll attach pictures of the bike for help with ID. Thanks everyone.
  4. Valocalrep

    Is this a rupp?

    Posted in a bundle near me
  5. Valocalrep

    Considering picking this up What is it
  6. Valocalrep

    Motovox Rear axle

    Hey everyone does anyone happen to know where i can get a Mbx10 rear axle from, Their website is out of stock and has been for a while i have a friend who wants to build is bike and thats one of the main parts he is waiting for. Thanks everyone
  7. Valocalrep

    This price cant be right

    I mean its cleana nd all but can someone tell me how he thinks its worth that much?
  8. Valocalrep

    Camping with Mini Bikes??

    So im trying to get my brother and a few friends to pack up for a weekend at the end of the summer and go off camping. We mainly want somewhere that we can fish and ride mini bikes. I know most of the guys and gals on here have been around and traveled. Does anyone know some where near Virginia...
  9. Valocalrep

    Clutch guard mount

    Hew everyone i remember a few years back that OldMiniBikes sold just the Clutch Guard Mount for the predator but i cant find it now, i can find the full kit but but i was just looking for the L plate that mounts on the engine, anyone have leads on them or able to make them?
  10. Valocalrep

    The Firehawk gets a new life

    So a few years back we acquired a Firehawk, It was in rough shape and needed a new life. Skip forward 4 years and a bunch of planning back and forth finally i decided to start it and give my self a deadline of before memorial day so we have a 3rd bike for people to ride at our cookout. This...
  11. Valocalrep

    5 inch shock

    Anyone selling a 4 or 5 inch eat shock or have a old one laying around they would be willing to part with for cheap?
  12. Valocalrep

    Hemi Predator Piston Rings

    So im getting ready to do my order on OldMiniBikes for a new gasket set and new rings mine are well worn down and the engine (picked up used havent ran yet) has low compression. On OldMiniBikes all i can find is Rings for the normal Predator engine does anyone know if these will work in the Hemi...
  13. Valocalrep

    Airx rx 30

    So at work today they were throwing this away and i scored a few little jugs of it, I wonder how well it work will for parts cleaning and letting old engine parts sit in to degrease. Anyone heard of it?
  14. Valocalrep

    Cross Buffs

    So looking into and learning about doing port and polish work and was curious if anyone used Cross Buffs like these, If so do they work good are they worth the invest or do you have other suggestions?
  15. Valocalrep

    MBX11 wheel help

    A friend asked me and i figured i would post it here. Looking for a rim and time combo that will work in a MBX11 shock fork. He wants to run a 8 inch wheel to bring the front end up some. Thanks guys and gals
  16. Valocalrep

    HRMB Brake help

    So i was given a HRMB hydraulic caliper but i cant find a 8mm banjo fitting to work with it and yes i have googled lol does anyone have one they wanna sell or have a suggestion on where to get one?
  17. Valocalrep

    GX160 build

    Ok so first of all i want to apologize to anyone for the stupid amount of questions ill end up asking during this process. This is the first engine i have broken all the way down and built back up. IF i can get it to start ill be very proud of myself. And i want to say thanks to jdblood202 for...
  18. Valocalrep

    Got a Decent score today

    I lucked out and hopped on offerup and ended up getting 3 honda GX160's and a predator. 2 of the GX engines have low compression and need to get some parts but i say its a good score ill post pictures when i get home
  19. Valocalrep

    Help for a newbie

    So ive been working on mini bikes and carts for while now and one thing ive never dove deep into is engines and more about them (building them up, breaking them down, high end components) I sit at work for 8 hours of the day watching monitors and spend a good amount of time on Youtube. Yes i...
  20. Valocalrep

    Hydraulic Doodle brake

    Looking for a Hydraulic Doodle brake setup (lever line and caliper) figured i would check here before i just order new from HRMB