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  1. maverick1

    VJMC Bike Show Daytona Bike Week

    Went to the Bike show and here is a couple of the mini's that were there.
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    Gambler 500 Florida

  3. maverick1

    What kind of Wheels

    What kind of wheels are these or what did they come off of. Thanks for your help. Rodney
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    Article 3

    Another cool article. The Outlaw Minibike Scene Of Detroit, Michigan - Roadkill
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    Another Mini Bike Article

    Another article popped up in my news feed. Cool story. A First Timer’s Guide To Building A Minibike - Roadkill
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    Rupp Article

    This popped up today on my news feed. This is an older article and may have already been posted.
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    Yamaha L5T 100cc 1969

    I have had this bike for awhile. Learned to ride on one of these. It is unique in the transmission is a dual range. It gives you 6 different ratio's , 3 high for the street and 3 low for trails. Plans are the powdercoat and paint thing. Total disassembly of the engine with the aluminium parts...
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    Gemini Petcock

    I realize there is not many Gemini people out there but i just wanted to let people know that the petcocks being sold on ebay are the wrong thread pitch. His are 1.5 and the correct one is 1.0.
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    Speedway Mini Bike

    Cool Speedway mini bike i saw yesterday at one of the Daytona bike week shows.
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    Maverick Build

    Cobbling together some of my junk parts for this build. It is a Maverick mini trail. Instead of the 50 I am going to power it with an 80cc. Got lucky and found the port maps so it will be ported, polished and the head will be cut. Motor disassembled and new bearings, seals and kick parts will be...
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    Gemini 80

    Built this bike last year for the 50cc fun run in Suches Georgia in October. Could only get it in primer for the run. Ran like a top with no problems. Motor was stripped down and has new bearings, seals, piston, rings, special cut rotary valve. And repaired kick start. When I returned I stripped...
  12. maverick1

    Winter in Cocoa Beach

    This is what I deal with every winter. Photos taken yesterday.
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    C/L Buyers

    I have read on here about people that make a deal only to go pick it up and find out it was sold out from under them. Anybody with any scruples would know that is bs to do to someone. I bought most of my bikes from a person 500 miles away from me only on my word. I have never backed out of my...
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    Wheels, Tires, Brakes,Axles

    Front and rear wheel, tires,brakes and axles. Tires are 3.5 x 8.Pretty much just surface rust on sprocket side of wheel. Brakes work. Missing one axle nut. $40 plus shipping (actual cost to ship to you)OBO
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    What kind of Head

    This head came on a Gemini mini I aquired. Does anyone know what kind of head it is?
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    New kind of Clutch?

    5 hp honda with new centrical cluch
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    What are the chances of this

    Respond to a thread on here written by a fellow member from Tennessee. He pm'd me and said he had a close friend from my area. I was surprised when I recognized the name as a person I once worked with at a family owned business and knew well many many years ago. He put me back in touch with...
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    Yamaha Package Deal

    About 20 minutes from my house. This is killing me to pass up. Yamaha : Other in Yamaha | eBay Motorcycles
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    Engine Problem

    My Subaru Robin EX 13 has been sitting for 10 months. Went out to ride my Rupp today and could not start it. Drained fuel, cleaned carb. Could prime carb and start it but would die after running for a short time. Unscrewed the pilot jet out of the top of the carb and could not blow thru it...
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    Pacesetter Trail Buck

    This is about 10 miniutes from me. Trail Buck mini bike