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  1. bullhead

    Manco Big Cats with aftermarket tires (not stock knobbys)

    This will get ya! These are all the same size tires. The middle one is off a BigCAT. There is 2ply, four ply, six ply, seven ply all in tires for eight inch rims! The amount of ply's can make the diffrence in sidewall flex. You can sometimes run a wider tire. With 6ply tires becaues you get...
  2. bullhead

    big cat front forks specs

    Start looking at CraigList fot a Honda ATC 185 to 250 BigRed three wheelers. I buy the old ATC's for about $30 to $50 bucks. Use the neck and forks. It makes a big diffrence! My latest build, has me using the Big Red ATC 250ES forks, lights, front and rear racks. Plus I got a extra front...
  3. bullhead

    Print me a gun

    3D printing is a offshoot of 3D prototype making. It works! Very well. There are several companies built around this. My company did R&D in composits. I wish I had these type off tools in my shop. This way of building starts from zero to 100%. Were as the old way is start, with basic block...
  4. bullhead

    Poor guy !

    Like I said, when you retire. It's like putting a target on your back. We are on a fixed income. I know excactly what that man is going through. It's going to get worse, guy's....lot's worse.
  5. bullhead

    Manco Bigcat

    Thank's guy's. But there are just too many negitives. We just go screwed, period. When your on retirment. It's like putting a target on your back. It will be cooler up on the mountain. And I will be able to ride rite out of my portable shop! There are thousands of miles of dirt...
  6. bullhead

    Manco Bigcat

    We are loosing our house. The city is demainding repairs we have no money for. We lost in court. So all projects are on hold. Moving into our RV trailer on our property. Here are some photos of it. But I look at it on the bright side! I will have thousands of trails to ride on.
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  12. bullhead

    What is a, mini bike?

    It's all become one big :censure: blurrrrrr! Minibike - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  13. bullhead

    What is a, mini bike?

    :bowdown:Look at the Powell Challenger. It has foot pads rather than foot pegs. Under scooter definitions, that make it a scooter!
  14. bullhead

    What is a, mini bike?

    Well I was hoping for more responce. On CraigsList when you put mini bike in the search. BMX bicycles come up. But, just with the few. You can tell the subject is interesting. There is no real definition of what is a ,"Mini Bike"!
  15. bullhead

    What is a, mini bike?

    I was suprised to see how big this Super Bronc VT10 is. A 10HP engine, 22"X11"X8" tires on 8" solid rims. It's bigger than my BigCat. And a whole lot bigger than my Bearkat Twister. The Twister was concidered a TrailScooter. In the 1960's rules by the National Trail Scooter Association...
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  18. bullhead

    What do u guys think

    When you get done paying for all that. You might as well have bought a motorcycle. If your thinking about using it ,"ON ROAD". You will be buying lot's of tires.
  19. bullhead

    Tav from bmi

    I trust what other OldMiniBikes's have said. Too many have said they have had problems dealing with BMI. And ignore the negitive OldMiniBikes post. Some people are just screwed up and not happy. So they always post negitive statments. Good Luck!
  20. bullhead

    Tav from bmi

    You have too put in the work. The item became a hot seller. So now the prices have gone up. One hint. Bid on a auction that ends at a inconvenient hour! Hint two, don't bid right anway. Wait till five minutes before the end. Hint three, look who's buying. Have they bid on several? Did...