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    Added updated pics to my Rides if anyone is interested...

    Added new pics of my Rocket Cycle, Jet Cycle, Frijole, Gilson, Cat, and Added my Bonanza BC1200 since they all got restored. Rocket, Jet and Frijole waiting on seats from Kenny.

    New rides entry: 1969 Bonanza BC1200

    INJUNTOM 1969 Bonanza BC1200 Built this for a rider

    5900 Posts

    Just came on to pay my supporting membership and made a few posts, Don't have as much time to get on here as I used to, but I can say that there are a few more members now than the 6 that were on here when I joined in 2006 lol. I see some of you guys on Facebook, but we all have different names...

    Like to find one Trailhorse Mag for the front, no sprocket needed

    Thinking about putting one on the front of my Mystery Chopper

    Calling Hent - Anybody seen him around?

    Doesn't look like you can see recent activity of a member with this new board, but it doesn't look as if he's posted in a couple days. Got a couple PMs in your box. Kinda need to get back to me today.

    My 1960 BONANZA Kart on ebay:

    Vintage Bonanza 1960 Go Kart Roller GoKart Rupp Cart Margay FLEXO Minibike | eBay Started tonight - 7 days. May be able to get it down to Los Angeles area soon after the auction ends. See auction for details.

    My flowbench setup on ebay:

    Audie Technology Flow Quick Flowbench Airflow Tester Holley Carburetor Cylinder | eBay Started tonight - 7 days. May be able to get it down to Los Angeles area soon after the auction ends. See auction for details.

    Carburetor needed for this engine:

    6.0 Robin/Subaru

    Cat projects for sale - Duster Chopper, Slingshot and 300X

    Cat Slingshot project. Forks have ok chrome on them and look to have had a slight amount of heat used right under the lower triple tree to straighten them at some point. Couldn't have been much or it would have really discolored the chrome. Frame has the usual grinding/filling etc needed like...

    The "No B.S." Greyhound shipping test

    Shipped this Boonie Bike from CA to MI via greyhound for $83.50 - UPS wanted $235 Packed well, this thing will make it. The bad rep with greyhound from what I can see has always been either poor packing and once seen a situation where the station being sent to didn't accept packages and it...

    What's the best way to do this wireless internet setup?

    My house has a detached garage that shares a roof and attic space, but has a breezeway in between. Walls are stucco. Inside I have a wireless setup that our home PC uses and we also use for a laptop and cel phones. Problem is that I want to set up a PC in the garage, but already the laptop...

    Are there some clones easier to fit with a TAV?

    Seem to be having problems getting a TAV to fit on my new Predator and my like new Robin/Subaru 6.0 Have one on my yellow engine in my DB.

    Dimension needed for Mickey Bike footpeg bar

    Someone gave me the specs on this a long time ago and can't seem to find the e-mail or PM that was sent to me. Mine is a badge style frame. Need to know long the tube is that is the footpegs.

    Columbia/MTD 8" wheel conversion/Fork Fab

    I've had this Columbia frame I've been holding onto for about 8 years with the intensions of building because my buddy has one and they are great riders. I was always missing the fork lowers, and the tubes on the forks were worn thin anyways, so after having a set of unknown fork lowers on ebay...

    Got a smoking deal (I think) on a Briggs Animal engine

    Got this off craigslist for $275 - There are lots of them on ebay for about $550. Mine also has an Aussiespeed $140 intake manifold, and $110 pipe. Guy bought it for his kid's kart and was too much for him, then sold the kart separate. I plan to put it on a Bonanza BC1200 and let 'er rip...

    Doing cartwheels right now...

    Been trying to get these valve covers for my '37 Pontiac for a couple years now and have been seeing them go through the roof. First set I saw went for a little over $500 and I missed them. The next set went for over $1500, so this time I was prepared and threw $1736 at them and stuck at $643...

    Bushing from a TAV driver - brass that belt floats on

    This is the bushing that goes between the driver halves and the belt floats on it at idle I assume.

    Need MTD/Columbia band brake setup

    Need the drum and whatever linkage, etc. 6" wheel model

    Needing a screw/jet for this carburetor

    I seem to recall it being some sort of needle valve or jet. One of my guys robbed it for another motor for some reason. Also, if anybody knows what this carb is and came from let me know. I was told it was from a Honda, but seems different than my other Honda carbs. I believe the carb we...

    ID these 8" wheels

    Have a selection of 8" wheels here. The one with 4 big holes is Honda 50. Anybody recognize the other 2?