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    Project: Atlas

    UPDATE Bike is painted blue. Friend who works for a body shop painted it for me. It looks like it just came new off the shelf. I am picking up the forks/handlebars/rims this weekend from him (painted seperately). I bought a HF engine, but going to swap it on my doodlebug for the HF blue...
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    WTB: Atlas Parts (Reprod?)

    Project near completion. I am looking for 1 part to finish, but also looking for other parts to improve. 1) K-H 200m Brake System (Mine is cracked with pad oushing out the back (fixed pad) 2) Front Springs (I like shiny chrome ones) 3) Rear Wheel Assy Thanks, Kevin - Hillsboro, OH
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    Pocket Rocket or Mini?

    I'm untrained at identifying. I see Murray written on it.. Is this a real mini or some cheap repro? The seat reminds me of a crotch rocket (no single rear shock). Thanks, Kevin - Hillsboro, OH
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    Found buried in my yard

    Nooo, thank you! I never seen a bike like that before (from that decade). Being newb, I wasn't too bad at saying it looked like a Rascal (old people scooter) :smile: Maybe someone can correct me.. it looks more like a scooter that was modded to a bike? Again, great find and thanks for...
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    Found buried in my yard

    1946 hiawatha doodle bug mini bike | eBay Like that? Kevin - Hillsboro, OH
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    Found buried in my yard

    It looks like one of those old people scooters modified :) Something just isn't right about that bike... could it be another bike that was modified? It looks like the bottom all the way to the back where it meets the upper part might been added. I hope someone can identify it :confused...
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    Briggs 4HP

    :clap: Well done! I actually understood that :smile: The '4' decal is painted over. It was just an assumption on my behalf it was 4HP. Thanks, Kevin - Hillsboro, OH
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    Just got home with a mini

    Is that on the Ruppsters Sears-Roper bike in 'Projects' ? I'll have to contact Ruppster to give me leads on parts :) I made a goal for myself and site.. Complete my Atlas project and become a supporting member as the reward. Thanks everyone for giving me the correct answer! Kevin -...
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    Just got home with a mini

    Morning light pics. Comparing the 3rd pic to the 'Ruppster' bike, his is different than mine. The 3rd pic shows what looks to be a brake (caliper style) hole and 2 smaller holes for the mounting of the brake mech. I am an UNTRAINED person. I am trying to identify characteristics of the...
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    Just got home with a mini

    I'll post a daytime pic tomorrow :) Kevin - Hillsboro, OH
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    Just got home with a mini

    I just got home from picking this bike up. It is night time, not sure how good pics are. Kickstand is on the other side betwwen engine and rear tire. Thanks, Kevin - Hillsboro, OH
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    Briggs 4HP

    Side of shroud 30212 0812-0 77032801 30 was my interpretation. It was scubbed and kinda hard to make out. Decal shows 4HP.. that is why I stated 4HP :shrug: Kevin - Hillsboro, OH
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    Briggs 4HP

    Give me 15 min and I'll tell you :) Kevin - Hillsboro, OH
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    Another Project ARCO #2

    Thanks for the tip, I went and bought one. Now I am trying to find a decent compressor! I bought Kobalt 30 Gallon and it is absolute crap! I am returning it today and buying Campell Hausenfield 60 gallon. The grinding I did complete is turning out nice as yours. BTW, how are you going to...
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    A new citizen

    Those citizen tests are involved. People that pass them know more about USA than most Americans do. We think we know our government, but when it comes down to the brass tacks... most don't. Even now, I find myself still learning things I never knew about our government. Props to him passing...
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    Cat Side car

    There is a Doodlebug with side car on CL in Columbus, OH. It is kewl too. Just like your sidecar, it adds character to the bike :thumbsup: Kevin - Hillsboro, OH
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    My mom

    Too Kewl! You have a mom to be proud of. Sad to say I don't :( I think your mom is keeping that bike. You are going to have to build another one for your gift :doah: Kevin - Hillsboro, OH
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    taco ssupreme (DAVE WINS )

    RECOUNT!!! I see a stack of ballots with hanging chads! The minorities if Florida were rejected from voting! LOL, Thought I would give some flashbacks to the Florida voting debate :smile: That bike is sweet! Great job on the win :thumbsup: Kevin - Hillsboro, OH
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    Make doodle bug street legal

    Ohio - BMV website has details on what/how is legal. Of course, it requires license and registration. You have to get the bike inspected/titled. It requires so much safety crap that your mini will be an eye-sore. The actual size of the mini may not be part of the DOT safety requirements...
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    cant ride anywhere

    Doesn't Missouri have bunch of farmland? Ride around the perimeter of the field. Obvious do a field that the farmer doen't live next to :) Cops can't say jack and if the farmer isn't around, no one is going to say jack to you. If you drive through the middle of the field and crops are...