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    Fox Campus

    Need a pair of front shock absorber boots.
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    Paint for Fox Campus

    Does anyone know the color of red the Fox Campus? Also did it hav gold in it? Need to know for my rebuild Thanks
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    Campus bike rebuild

    After 5 years, I’m considering,(finally), restoring my Fox Campus. Thinking about powder coating the frame and parts, and have no idea how this process works, or if the original paint color, (and correct tint) is possible by powder coating. Here’s a look at the hike, in a stat of undress. Some...
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    64 Fox Campus Bike

    Looking for a pair of foot pegs for a '64 Campus Bike.
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    High everyone. Got a 64 Campus Bike about a year and a half ago and have just now gotten serious about the restoration. Will be posting some pics before long, to share my progress, and to get some seasoned advice. Well, anyway, hello to all! turkeyman5-0