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  1. Vintage_bike_nut

    Fox Trail FX

    Runs and drives but needs to be reassembled. I have all of the parts that it needs to be put back together, chain, clutch, clutch guard, throttle, and air cleaner. It is located in Elkhart Lake, Wi. Im not shipping it pick-up only. $550obo Please call or text 920-286-3637 Thank you
  2. Vintage_bike_nut

    twin engine drive-train clutch setup

    i've got to thinking about building a bike with two meth burning briggs engines, with the clutch, is there a special sprocket for engine #2? say if one engine is running more rpm than the other, will it be pulling? something where if the front engine is pulling, it has like a ratcheting effect...
  3. Vintage_bike_nut

    Diaphragm Carburetor Help on Hs40 Fox

    Couldn't tune the motor just right, so I put a new diaphragm in and now she's back firing, and shooting flames.I don't think that's good lol. I've tuned and tuned again on the carb and I just can't get it. Its either running way too rich or way too lean. Can't find a happy medium. Any...
  4. Vintage_bike_nut

    Running tecumseh engine with #40 clutch

    i have a 3.5 tecumseh power sport engine, it runs great, no knocking noises or anything. i changed the oil in it, and now here it sits. Clutch works good. Im in elkhart lake wisconsin. $50 plus shipping
  5. Vintage_bike_nut

    Super Bronc VT-10 and Go kart

    I have an early super bronc vt-10, it runs, just needs some love, it has the wrong carburetor, no battery for the electric start and needs a little bit of wiring done to it. Plus side: Electric start Has original flat fender exhaust pipe! no tears in seat, tires aren't flat. Asking $500...
  6. Vintage_bike_nut

    Super Tryke and VT-10

    So last night at 11:30 pm, I came across these bad boys, the super tryke is all restored and perfect, it has a 8-horse tecumpseh engine. It also has the ski. The Vt-10 needs some work with the wiring, but she's all there, even has the muffler. Hope that $900 was a good price for them.
  7. Vintage_bike_nut

    super bronc Vt-10 chaingaurd

    I need the super bronc Vt-10 coffin chaingaurd. Doesn't need to be perfect if it has rust or whatever it's fine.
  8. Vintage_bike_nut

    1971???? Fox minibike

    Is it possible to get this minibike street legal and titled? It is about as fast as a moped and it would be all country driving. It has working headlight and taillight, plus turn signals. There is also a 1994 license plate from Mitchell, Indiana.
  9. Vintage_bike_nut


    I know this is a long shot, but a while ago I sold my minibike, I need to find this bike again. I know that it is near Milwaukee somewhere, or in Wisconsin (I hope) Any help would be awesome. Thanks
  10. Vintage_bike_nut

    red minibike will deliver to Ann Arbor

    I have here a red minibike, What may be an Arctic Cat?? I don't know. Motor is tight, clutch is pretty good, runs a #35 chain. Has a drum brake, lights and a springer front end. I'd like $150 but if you have an offer I'd budge on the price. Also looking for trades, a bully clutch would be...
  11. Vintage_bike_nut

    mini dragster fueled by ALCOHOL

    so i was trying to sell this frame, nobody was interested, even at $50 with the wheels and whatever. well the other night i went to buy a dirtbike off of craigslist and this guy asked if i knew anyone in go karts, said no not really but if you have parts id take a look. well i saw this baby, its...
  12. Vintage_bike_nut

    unique Kohler bike

    Saw this baby on craigslist, knew I had to have it, plus it was cheap! Only bad thing is the points on it, otherwise she's all there. Can anyone identify it for me? The guy said his father bought it brand new in 1964.
  13. Vintage_bike_nut

    Gilson Mini

    Hey, I just bought this Gilson tonight for $115, I think that's worth it, doesn't run but everything is there. Just wondering if anyone can identify what year it is or if there's ways for me to identify it, it's made in Plymouth, WI, which is about 10 minutes away from where I live and it also...
  14. Vintage_bike_nut

    Avery's Echo Can Megaphone

    These are the megaphones i make, they are $15 plus shipping, send me what diameter pipe you're putting it onto and ill make it for you and weld it up. These babies sing!!!
  15. Vintage_bike_nut

    "indian" project

    bought this bad boy a month ago finally acquired mostly all the parts i needed. my exhaust pipe is made out of metal vacuum pipes. yes it does shoot flames too. im running a 3.5 tecumpseh in it. need the scrub brake for it but i can make that.named it the indian because it is almost an "Indian...
  16. Vintage_bike_nut

    Scrub brake for a Bird frame

    i bought a mini at a swap meet and it doesn't have the scrub brake on it, i need one that is a half inch, in pipe size. thanks
  17. Vintage_bike_nut

    Briggs head gasket

    hello, my 3.5 horse briggs is leaking out of the top end, and i need a new head gasket. if you have a new one or know where one is at, please let me know. i want to sell this bike and i want it fixed for the new owner. please and thank you Vintage_bike_nut
  18. Vintage_bike_nut

    Bridgestone Slick

    I have a used bridgestone slick, it is in pretty good condition yet, it is a tubeless tire. dimensions are 6/11.0-5 $20 plus shipping
  19. Vintage_bike_nut

    Chain, 3/16 gapped sprocket with rim. if possible tire too

    hey guys, im in need of a 3/16 rear wheel with that sprocket size on it, hopefully it will be this size for a tire to fit on it "4.10-5 NHS" thats the writing on the Carlisle tire thats on the rim i have. i can pay or we can make a trade, don't care, i need it now :laugh: thanks guys...
  20. Vintage_bike_nut

    John Deere

    I bought this yesterday it has a 3.5 hp Briggs in it. Who would have made it and the John Deere stuff is all custom work. Thanks The clutch is sloppy, probably the shoes on the inside or the springs, but she still drives great and hauls!!