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  1. bullhead

    What is a, mini bike?

    I was suprised to see how big this Super Bronc VT10 is. A 10HP engine, 22"X11"X8" tires on 8" solid rims. It's bigger than my BigCat. And a whole lot bigger than my Bearkat Twister. The Twister was concidered a TrailScooter. In the 1960's rules by the National Trail Scooter Association...
  2. bullhead


    CycleKart Gallery I'm wishing I did not have so may projects! A friend built something like one of these but bigger. He used a Honda CB1000
  3. bullhead me a super bronc

    It took five hours and a Greek dinner for my wife! But I finaly got me a Herald Super Bronc! I'd been admiring those Michigan guy's for months. Always getting thier hands on these fat tire bikes! Then this one came up on the LasVegas CraigsList. And I called right away! No carb. nor intake...
  4. bullhead

    1971 rupp stolen

    stolen Read how it happen. This seems to be happening more and more. My ATV scrap yard just got nailed with three stolen mini bikes from California.
  5. bullhead

    Help identify please

    This is being offered to me in trade. I think it's a Bonanza? I know it runs good. But no brakes.
  6. bullhead

    1959 tote gote

    1959 model"P" ToteGote. New seats, not just covered. New marine vinyl, new foam, new seat pan. New Air filter and adapter. New twist throttle and new soft grips. New control cables and new Torque converter belt. Good tires. Engine run's good. Starts first or second pull. $600, PM me.
  7. bullhead

    This is what's wrong with OldMiniBikes.

    I'm posting this becaues a OldMiniBikes senoir member has told other members my wife and I quoted him $150! For recovering a BAJA seat. Not true. I told him we are NOT a buisness. "Go to a local shop"! It made no since to ship a Baja seat 5000 miles. Just for covering. Why the BS,I have no idea. I...
  8. bullhead

    What is it? GoKart & MiniBike

    These are for sale just down the road. He wants $100 each. Someone reconize what they are?
  9. bullhead


    Picked up another ToteGote today. It has a very good clutch. Kick stand and YES. That is a SuperTrapp muffler! Did not even notice it till the seller started the engine. Light is from a old dirt bike. But is not hooked up. I even got the origional B&S engine. :thumbsup: I'm trying to...
  10. bullhead

    Have you ordered from this company?

    Has anyone ordered from this company? Looking for negitive or postitive opinion before I buy. Welcome to Max Parts List. Your destination for the best deals on parts. Bullhead
  11. bullhead

    Head light to batt. LED conversion

    I'v been asked to show this. So here what i'm doing. LED lights are very rugged. And LED headlight can be very high in price. Also getting light on a mini bike can be a hassle. So.......I am taking a $5 LED flash light and a Baja head light and making a battery operated head light...
  12. bullhead

    New Arizona Mini Bike Club?

    Arizona Vintage Mini Bike Association | Facebook They have an ad on CL I just found. Has anyone ever heard anything about these guy's? They seem to be just a Facebook Club. I don't do facebook. I like real. Bullhead
  13. bullhead

    Banana seat minibike

    I might be trading some of my surf fishing poles for this. But even the seller does not know who made it. Any ideas?
  14. bullhead

    Trail Tour

    Anyone interested in coming to Arizona this winter. For a trail tour on BLM lands? It will involve (no fee) primitive camping, dirt trails and roads. Very remote locations. And riding. Tour route will be choosen later. There are lot's of trails to choose from. Anyone wanting to attend...
  15. bullhead

    My MacFest and FunDay Photos

  16. bullhead


    Heathkit Boonie with new clutch and like new 8hp Tec engine. Good tires. No rip's in the seat. Needs for a better engine set up and throttle set up. $325 as is. Pick up at MacFest or FunDay#3 Bullhead
  17. bullhead

    Todays buy!

    No too sure what it is. I know I'v seen them on OldMiniBikes. Herters or Heathkit? It does have a new Tec.8hp and clutch. Bullhead
  18. bullhead

    Baja seat $45

    My wife has gotten into recovering my mini bike seats. So this her first one for sale. As is! $45. Buyer can pick up at MacFest or FunDay #3. Bullhead
  19. bullhead

    Baja roller $125

    Baja roller, 22x11x8 Kenda rear tire with tube! Good front tire. Sealed bearings are fine. Brake pads are good. Previous owner did the paint. Arizona bike, so no rust. $125. As is sale. Pick it up at MacFest or Funday#3. PM me if you want to lay claim. Bullhead
  20. bullhead

    What model Tote Gote

    What model Tote Gote and especially do you know what engine that is? It's 300 miles out of my way to buy it. But I'm willing, if it's what I think it might be. I just need advice confirming what it is, please. Thanks!:thumbsup: Bullhead