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    Pocket Rocket or Mini?

    I'm untrained at identifying. I see Murray written on it.. Is this a real mini or some cheap repro? The seat reminds me of a crotch rocket (no single rear shock). Thanks, Kevin - Hillsboro, OH
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    Just got home with a mini

    I just got home from picking this bike up. It is night time, not sure how good pics are. Kickstand is on the other side betwwen engine and rear tire. Thanks, Kevin - Hillsboro, OH
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    Ebay seat seller

    I have been trying to reach EBay Seller=lotsoffunstufff Not sure if he is a member here or not. His seats has the 3 bolt pattern. I need seats with the 2 bolt (Rupp?) pattern. In Ebay mail, I even stated I will BIN and wait extra for him to do the 2 bolt pattern I need. I need 2 seats nd...
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    General Parts Questions

    I'm trying to get parts for my Atlass 4000. Not looking for origional (would be nice) but parts to make it look good and funtion properly. The hurdle I am encountering is determining minibike part or chineese bike parts. I know 1/2 tubing is not a minibike from reading threads on this forum...
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    Briggs 4HP

    I want to overhaul the 4HP Briggs engine on my Arco bike (next in line for restore). Problem is, I can tell if carbs and gasket sets are for the newer 4HP or the old style 4HP engines. I have the old style. Mine has the pull tab choke to kill the engine. Is there any service manuals or parts...
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    WTB: Atlas Parts (Reprod?)

    1) Gas Tank - sits on top bar. 2) Foot Pegs 3) Brake Assembly 4) Decals 5) Parts/Service Manual 6) Kickstand Is there reproduction parts for Atlas? What color schemes did Atlas use? I don't want to go against the norm to the color of the bike :) Thanks, Kevin Hillsboro, OH 45133
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    Project: Atlas

    Step 1: Disassemble the bike - Complete Considering the parts on the frame were attached by rust/painted nuts and bolts, it went rather smooth. The seat was a nightmare. The bolt was not the right one and I actually undid the spot weld for one of the seat plates on the frame. The fenders...
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    Identify this 'modified' minibike

    :anon.sml: NOT MINE I thought it was a pocket rocket conversion (back end with the wheel extending and the single shock) and the front forks looks to big for a minibike. I was assured it is a minibike used. Is it the newer Baja? Thanks, Kevin Hillsboro, OH
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    Decals/Badges, Are they still out there?

    With being new or reborn to minibikes, The rough frames and engines I aquired recently were poorly painted. The 4HP B & S engine cover was painted and the decal/badge was also painted over. Frames has no decals at all. Is it possable to get new decals/badges for my 'projects' ? Nothing shows...
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    3 Bikes gained

    What is the blue bike and the black bike? After a solid week trying on CL trying to get a minibike, I finally got one. It is the pic with the pillow for a seat. Bike runs/rides fine. I traded a Carter Turbo Turtle and $25 for it. My go-cart had a broken shaft. I gave the $25 to the guy...
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    WTB Minibike (Frame or Complete) Ohio

    Hello, I am looking for a minibike for my son to ride. I am not looking for a classic collectors bike. I need something cheap that no one is going to cry if he wrecks it, lol :) Just frame: It needs to be that modern parts will fit or parts are available. I found one in Chillocothe, OH...
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    Odd Swing Arm

    I was given a minibike frame O am restoring for my son. I grew up in the 80's having several as a kid. This frame resembles a Taco/Rupp but the swing arm is 2 individual sqare rods that come out to the back where the rear shocks fastened to them. I know something is missing since there in no...