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    I have 2 NOS Briggs 5hp cylinder heads & small bearing covers

    These are from 2 Baddog engines I bought on ebay for a dual engine project. I decided to cancel the project and part out the engines. All I have left are 2 crankcase covers with bolts, 2 cylinder heads with bolts, & an electric start flywheel shroud. I am asking $35 per item, but willing...
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    Something fun to do while waiting for minibike parts.....
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    Is this a minibike for alcoholics ???

    Brand New Motorized Blue Crazy Cooler CCB Mini Bike Made Cool | eBay
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    Someone need an exhaust pipe ????

    Pretty cool stuff !!! andrei-x | eBay
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    Nice try !!!

    1907 Harley Davidson (CUSTOM MADE, 1 of a KIND!) PHOTOS
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    You guys see these motors already?

    The 3/4" crankshaft part number is 34740, Same as some h50s so you might have one already. Engine Tecumseh New Parts Engine 5 5HP Short Block Read Description | eBay
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    Someone should grab this engine block....

    Vintage Briggs Amp Stratton 131432 5HP Side Shaft Engine Block | eBay
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    Minibike Patents - PDFs

    Big Baja Motorsports Minibike Motovox Minibike Old Style Doodlebug Minibike...
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    Great deal on 5hp exhaust system !!!

    Muffler for 5 HP Briggs Stratton Engine | eBay
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    I think this is pretty cool....

    I've wanted the engine to this for some time now, but they are quite rare. This kit might have something to do with the engine's short production run. 987190001 Subaru 7HP EX21 EFI Diagostic Software CD Cable Kit New | eBay
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    Anyone notice ebays new easy neg feedback checker????

    I noticed a few weeks ago that I can easily check a sellers neg feedbacks. What I do is click on seller's user name when in "blue" writing. Then it shows total pos, nuts, & negs and click on negs and it shows all negs from most recent. May not be new feature, but I just discovered it...
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    I will be testing some new Tachometers soon !!!!

    I found this Tachometer while doing some searching yesterday. -Should work with 1 -10 cylinder gas engines -7 different background colors -Tinted - Unreadable when turned off I also found this 16,000 rpm Tachometer for cheap on ebay. I already have one that reads 13,000 rpm...
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    Baja Minibike Converted to A Vintage Yamaha 80cc Engine | eBay
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    Looks brand new.....

    Red and Black Mini Bike 4HP | eBay
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    Apparently these might help engine performance....

    Arc Briggs 5HP Exhaust Inserts Qty 7 | eBay
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    Ignition coil might be useful to someone

    Syncro Mag Solid State Ignition Coil Tecumseh Briggs Stratton N O S | eBay
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    1:25 scale minibike models - cardboard ruler cost extra

    Model Car Junkyard Diorama Detailing Parts 1 25 Mini Bikes | eBay
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    A couple of NOS Gold Briggs 5hp engines

    New Briggs Stratton 5 HP Horizontal Shaft Engine 130232 New Never Started | eBay New Briggs Stratton 5 HP Horizontal Shaft Engine 130232 New in Box No Oil | eBay
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    This could be fun......

    Wish it was closer and cheaper. Mini Bike Tricycle Custom | eBay
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    You notice Paypal's new logo design?

    fuseproject transforms PayPal brand identity and logo for the online age Paypal has been good to me since I first signed up some 8 years ago & from what I hear, they are still quite successful. Although, the other day I get an email from Paypal letting me know I've got money in my account. I...