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  1. JayPadilla

    Briggs Animal ID/Help??

    I picked up what I believe is a 2008 or so Briggs Animal FOR A STEAL. It seems to be in good shape. Can anyone confirm it for me the numbers on the Valve cover are: 124432 8001 01 010730FD Also, are parts interswappable with newer animals/WF? How safe is the Flywheel and rod on this engine...
  2. JayPadilla

    What is it ?

    I've been looking around for answers on this Mini bike frame. No one knows so i thought I'd give This a shot. What kind of mini bike frame is this ? It's a solid frame
  3. JayPadilla

    Mikuni BMC 34MM ALKY Carburetor

    Located in Lancaster CA Asking $120 Or best offer Looks like it's in great shape PayPal preferred
  4. JayPadilla

    Briggs Intek/animal build

    Currently building an Intek to animal spec, already have a Briggs animal rod on the way soon to get the stock animal flywheel. Does stock intek coil have a limiter built in ? Will I even be able to use it for the animal flywheel? Helps appreciated, thanks
  5. JayPadilla

    Flywheel for 5hp flathead question

    I'm wondering of putting a newer HORIZONTAL 3.5 hp flathead Aluminum flywheel on a 5hp flathead. I'm aware of the modification to the coil which isn't an issue because I've used the Cast Iron 3.5hp flywheel, but how will the horizontal aluminum flywheel work in terms of Revving for High RPMS 7k+...
  6. JayPadilla

    pushing power out of a Briggs OHV

    I have a Briggs industrial engine. Its a 250cc 1150 series with the 3/4" shaft. I have the advantage because it's stock with a 3 inch bore. Its a great engine I love it and has pretty good power. Anyone know of any ways I can fairly cheaply have this engine spinning faster and higher ? I've got...
  7. JayPadilla

    help I.D. this bike

    Hey anyone know what this is ? The seat is an old seat I had lying around
  8. JayPadilla

    Hot Rodding B&S 1150 series

    I've got one of the new weird B&S OHV engines (I think mine is a 07) it's the weird 1150 series 250ccwith the 3/4" pto. Just wondering if anyone knows how universal that motor is before I start buying parts. Thinking about a mean cam from an animal or WF or something maybe an animal flywheel...
  9. JayPadilla

    Need Help with clutch

    I have a briggs 250cc 1150 series that came off a tiller on my bike. It was the weird motor in between the 206cc with the 3/4 shaft and the 305cc with the 1 inch and its rated at 11.5 ft lbs stock and also has a 3/4 inch shaft , since ive had it ive opened it up by adding a mikuni carb and a...
  10. JayPadilla


    Subscribe to me on Youtube and I'll Sub back ! I like to see mini bikes go karts anything with motors and I have a build up myself! So Sub For Sub!!
  11. JayPadilla

    Spark Plug for Gx200

    I have a Gx200 Clone that Has an aftermarket air filter and exhaust with a jetted Carb and I was wondering I have a new set of Bosch Platinum +2 Plugs laying around, and they seem reliable (as the set cost 10$ for 2)... Will this make a diff in performance or will it mess my engine up?
  12. JayPadilla

    Mini bike tire?

    I found my mini bike was an old Stellar from the early 70s/late 60's! Older than my mom! Well I kinda expect the age considering I've had to replace everything on it. Well the back tire needs to be changed and the only dimensions on it are 12.5x6. I can't find anything with those specific...
  13. JayPadilla

    Identifying a Mini bike Frame?

    I picked this frame up for a steal, replaced almost everything and got it running (It still needs paint and other minor things to make it look better) but it runs fine and I didn't ever question the frame until I never seen one like it. A lot of the parts are pretty Universal (#35 Chain, direct...