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    speed calculator has me at 77

    So the agk speed calculator has me at 77 mph on my db. I'm going to test it as soon as I finish a few things..
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    torque convertor vs clutch

    Hello everyone I haven't been on here in a while. How has everyone been? I have a question. I Built my bike up can rod and all. I have a tav 2 on it and I'm thinking about switching to a clutch. What would be the advantages and disadvantages if I do so? I need more speed. I'm running 12 - 53 but...
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    quick ride

    Went for a quick 10 mile ride today, my bike did great but still got some tuning to do.
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    mikuni carb tips

    So I have a 22mm mikuni carb on the way for my 212. It has 26lb springs flywheel rod isky cam. Any tips for when I get my carb? Can I just built on and start?
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    Team IV Pot Luck Mini Bike BBQ address has changed

    Here's the new address
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    Bbq and ride

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    Completing Project Doodle Bully

    It's been a long road and what start off as a circuit racer will be a bad cruiser. With the help of some great people allot of studding patients and saving it's going down.
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    Did i pick a good speedometer?

    I picked up the speedometer from Walmart for 20$. Anyone ever use use it a good one.?
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    my official can you teach me how to paint post

    Hello everyone. Its time to paint my mini but I don't know how. Can some one teach me step by step. I want my paint to pop like a candy paint job and also want it to have crome flakes. I have a 150$ limit.
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    I need help selecting the right performance parts

    Hello everyone. I have a 212old style. Getting ready to order parts, im taking out my governor so I'm going to get a fly wheel rod a cam new springs push rod lifters and maybe rockers. The only thing is I don't know which to get. They all have different specs and I don't want to get the wrong...
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    Mini bikes, my number 1 hobby hands down. What are some of your other hobbies?

    well mini bikes are my number one hobby hands down. I love the sound of the engine and the experience of the build. Add adrenaline speed and good weather and that makes for a great day.:scooter::thumbsup: But some days we can't ride because of the weather or waiting for parts or what ever...
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    June 14 my mbc Team IV well be having a bbq and ride.:laugh: It's Will be held here in Sacramento, and every one is welcome to come. I will up update with details very soon. Here is our newest video of us just doing what we do. TEAM IV MINI BIKE CLUB - YouTube
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    Bbq and ride

    So my mbc Team IV is going to kick the summer off with a bbq meet and ride if your in the Sacramento area and would like to join feel free.details coming soon.
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    Took the bikes out for a ride after the rain stopped enjoy. TEAM IV DOODLE BUG RIDE - YouTube
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    I need help with my tav

    So I tested my bike yesterday and noticed that when I let off the gas It felt like the brakes engaged, but I know they didn't. It's my tav, but why? It's this normal is there a way I can prevent this from happening? Also I was told about a gold spring for the tav to increase speed I would like...
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    Tav test ride video

    Took the bike out for a test ride it a good day. Dutch and the Doodle bully Tav test - YouTube
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    tested my tav today it was a great ride

    dutch doodle1 2 - YouTube
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    All most done with my build!

    I'm only a few steps from completing my Doodle Bully build, with only rims, paint and lights to go. I took the time to get it running exactly how I want with tons of low and top end.:thumbsup:
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    question for the tav guys

    Hey guys how's it going got my tav from OldMiniBikes today and I can't wait to test this out. My problem is I can't get the back wheel off the tav so I can change my gear from 10 to12. I've watched many YouTube videos and everyone is just pulling them off, but mine seems to be stuck. Someone please...
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    my brake upgrade

    Pucked both old and New from