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  1. aprea2002

    pack and ship a bike in Pasadena area.......

    Looking for someone in the Pasadena area who would be willing to pack up a mini bike and ship it to me. Will pay cash or trade parts if interested. Thank you for your consideration folks : )
  2. aprea2002

    Shed find Scat Cat

    Rescued last night from a long island shed. Thanks Joe!
  3. aprea2002

    help with a green powell

    Just . got this Powell from my friend Fred. I cant find a serial number in the usual place but can see that it was originally grabber green . Didn't think they made any late ones without serial numbers .
  4. aprea2002

    Still looking for powell parts

    Restoring a pair of Powell's ( c model and Phantom 7) looking for assorted parts for each also have some extra stuff to trade. Thanks for your consideration.
  5. aprea2002

    WTB Powell Parts

    Howdy Folks, I'm restoring a couple of Powells ( C and E series) looking for drive train and exhaust parts. Thanks for your consideration. steve