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    Parting ATC 70

    not exactly sure what i would need to make a trx an atc but im guessing, frame and forks at least.
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    tecumseh lighting coil hs50

    untested lighting coil, it has spark but had the wrong flywheel to test lighting. obviously no flywheel. 35 shipped
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    5 hp briggs flywheels

    for 1 dollar
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    tecumseh hm80 lighting coil, flywheel

    good lighting coil and flywheel from an hm80, excellent spark. comes with end connector w pigtail. flywheel has elec start teeth, good magnets. 100 shipped.
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    Show Your scrapyard finds

    sweet mcculloch 47a
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    Need some oddball parts.....project stuff.

    i know where a tracked snowblower is for parts what is your offer on the track/drives
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    WTB a 2 stroke motor for mini

    how about a 5hp tecumseh 2 stroke?
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    3 briggs engines

    60 bux, final offer
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    vintage clinton 700a

    i removed carb top plate with float to show condition, fuel flows into jet are and needle is clean.
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    vintage clinton 700a

    bump, 110 shipped
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    3 briggs engines

    bump, 80 bux
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    15.5 hp B&S riding mower motor - backfiring and not wanting to start

    flywheel key is your prob. drop flywheel on then insert key, NOT key then flywheel.
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    vintage clinton 700a

    engine runs with a prime. havent got around to cleaning carb yet. tank pretty clean inside. decal still legible. these were made in the late 40s for some kind of scooter. not pictured but air filter included. 100 plus shipping
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    Rupp Grand Prix

    looks like about max 600 being a single. great find
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    Picked up a 44

    looks like a kohler 399 2 stroke in it
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    3 briggs engines

    thanks, now a bump on the engines 90 bux local
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    tecumseh hs50 dual shaft

    perfect running no knock or smoke. can be converted to a single easily. could go for a bowl gasket. 120 shipped