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    WTB Vintage Aluminum 6" wheel....WIDE

    I am in need of (1) 6" aluminum wheel, and preferably 4" wide. If you have a Sensation, Bosch (Gilson), Trailhorse, or similar wheel, please let me know. No Tri-Stars though! Send me a PM of what you have! Thank you
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    Android users, please help Chipper!

    Our local DB30 expert chipper is having issues with his Android phone. Here is Chipper's issue as written by Ang and sung by Boy George I’m having trouble with the site on my Phone . I am getting the forum but in a different format , It wont remember me for log in and when I scroll to bottom...
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    WTB Gilson Bosch wheel

    I am working on acquiring a Gilson that needs a new wheel. Won’t know if I really need until next week. Anyone have an extra?
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    THE Gray Goat Garage needs your help!

    Hello Triple G fans! The Gray Goat garage will be coming to you LIVE on FaceBook, this Thursday at 8 PM Eastern and prizes! What would you guys like to see and/or talk about? I am running outta ideas and need your help! I don't want to rehash items we have already talked about...
  5. CarPlayLB FaceBook LIVE April 12 at 8PM Eastern time

    Come join at on FaceBook. Coming to you LIVE from the SoCal studios of the Gray Goat Garage. 8PM Eastern time is when we start. Tonight Eric will "brake" some things. Please join in! We will also have another riveting round of "QUIZZO" and your chance to win a $25 gift...
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    The Gray Goat Garage on FB LIVE tomorrow night at 8PM eastern time

    Don't forget, the Gray Goat Garage will be coming to you LIVE tomorrow night, Thursday March 29 at 8PM Eastern time. on FaceBook is the hapnin' place! Tune in, "like us" on FB, and come have some fun. What will he do this week? Tune in and see!
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    Eric will be LIVE on Facebook tonight March 22, at 8PM Eastern time

    The Gray Goat Garage will be back tonight at 8PM Eastern time on FaceBook LIVE. Go to the FB page ...make sure you "like" us and come join the discussion. Tonight we will be talking about Predator 212 engines and the differences between the two, Hemi and Non-Hemi engines We...
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    Tall jackshaft plates!

    OldMiniBikes has tall, weld on jackshaft plates...perfect for the builder that wants to add a torque converter to a project. On sale at $14.99 right now. Made from heavy plate and laser cut. Uses common 1-3/8" bearings
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    Eric will on FaceBook LIVE Tonight at 8pm Eastern

    Hello OldMiniBikes faithful! Eric will be on FaceBook LIVE tonight at 8pm Eastern time. Torque Converter talk tonight! Come join us for riveting conversation, tech advice, and the Gray Goat Garage!
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    Mini Bike Builders! We have fork parts!

    whether you are rebuilding a vintage minibike or making your own front springer forks, we have your parts! We just put a blow out price on fork cups. These are NOS parts and may have some surface rust, but these are very solid! The have a 7/8" inner diameter, but they are easily opened up for...
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    Handle Bar Frame Mounts

    I just picked up a pair of these to mount LED lights on one of my bikes. Very nice quality and works for 7/8", 1", and 1-1/4" tubing by removing the rubber inserts. These are very nice chrome and priced right! Buy in bulk and save! These are NOS parts. Very solid...
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    Minico Ramjet/Trail Jet Taiwanese mini

    Thanks for looking! After I built my Minico bike, the wife thinks she needs one now! The Minico bikes have 8" tires, and brakes front and back. I need it to be a roller as it will get a Predator engine. Let me know what ya got...and hopefully you are on the West Coast! :laugh:
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    Big Block engine plate now available at OldMiniBikes

    For the person wanting to a Big Block engine or your minibike, go kart, or drift trike, OldMiniBikes has them in stock now! These are cut from 3/16" steel plate!
  14. CarPlayLB

    Stainless Muffler for 1" header

    This is a SU-Weet muffler for a 1" header. This stainless muffler slides over the standard 1" header pipe. Clamp is included. Looking for $100 shipped to lower 48...or trade for beef jerky, canned goods, or dry soup mix
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    I am "On a Bender"

    I suck at taking pics during a build...I am too busy for that stuff! I was inspired by Havasu Dave to build a smoker bike. My dear friend hotrodricky gave me a smokin' deal on a Broncco Tx3? that I stretched 3" and added a jackshaft. @NotSoMinibike and I did some engine swapping, so I got a...
  16. CarPlayLB

    WTB: Manco Streaker roller or complete

    Anyone have a Manco Streaker. Would prefer a roller, but will entertain what ya got? Send me a PM if you have anything
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    Edelbrock for Raptor/Briggs 5HP

    This is it! The last one I will ever make! This is an Edeblbrock head for the Blockzilla 1 that has been reworked to fit the Raptor and 5HP Briggs engines. Only for the cool kids! The holes were welded and re-drilled to fit. The mating surfaced was milled just enough to make it flat and clean it...
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    Gilson Monkey Wards ail light and gas cap

    This is an original, used, Gilson tail light piece with wire attached. The new Speaker cover does not fit it well, but could be siliconed on? The gap cap is from an original Gilson, but has been rechromed. The cap shows signs of pitting still, but comes with the plastic seal/vent. Looking to...
  19. CarPlayLB

    NOS Tecumseh louvered air filter

    I have a Tecumseh air filter, complete with extra open end, screws, filter element, and screen. This piece has never been mounted or used. I am looking to get $45.00 priority shipped to the lower 48...and like everything I sell this summer, 100% of the proceeds will go to a charity I am involved...
  20. CarPlayLB

    Briggs 3/4"NPT muffler NOS 5HP

    I have a new, old stock, B&S muffler, This fits the 5HP engines, or any engine that is 3/4"NPT. This is the good old heavy one and I am including the heavy "real deal" lock nut, not like the cheezy conduit nuts they use today. These vintage pieces can be yours for $22.00, priority shipped to the...