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    Briggs 5HP carb pickup tube

    That is a "fixed jet" carb and very hard to work with. The throttle blades open the opposite direction of the older PulsaJet carbs and linkages are tricky!
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    94SS Cam

    Dyno has run out of the 5HP cores. You can send your cam to them and they will regrind for you
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    5hp Carb options

    That is not an easy or cheap endeavor...that is why nobody responded. Get a Chikuni carb and have a manifold made or call Faster Motors
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    Allis Chalmers jack shaft plates

    Those bushings are very hard to find and quite brittle. If you make your own plates I suggest putting an 1-3/8" hole instead of the oblong hole that the bushing ride in. This will allow you to use a common 1-3/8" x 3/4" bearing. You can thank me later! :)
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    Word Association Game

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    Briggs 3 horse carb gasket template?

    @Therepairist I make gaskets for the vintage go kart 2 stroke crowd, but I do love a challenge! If you can send me a good gasket I can make them for you! I have a laser I use to cut these with. Send me a PM if interested
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    4” wheels needed with sprocket on rear. For micro build

    That is awesome. Such a great looking guy and tat minibike suits you well!
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    4” wheels needed with sprocket on rear. For micro build

    @gumpit I would love to have a picture of you on that bike!
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    4” wheels needed with sprocket on rear. For micro build

    @gumpit sorry, cheaper for just a pair I will help you get the sprocket figured out too!
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    4” wheels needed with sprocket on rear. For micro build

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    5 HP gas tank too big for frame, is smaller size available?

    You can use a shorter tank from a 3HP Briggs if you cut down the inlet tube on the bottom of the carb. You will also need to run a strap from the block base to the higher 3HP bolt location under the tank....nothing I haven't done before!
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    Header / Muffler for Clinton Panther 2 Stroke

    I believe I have one from a chainsaw if that will work for you. Send me a PM with your cell number and I can text you some pics @Studeman68
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    Totally done with OldMiniBikes Warehouse! FU!

    @BBQJOE I can appreciate that you might be 100% at the job you do. We work very hard to ensure the accuracy of every part on the site. I only have my hands on 20,000 different part numbers and discrepancies are not that easy to spot. Should you have any issues, you can always call us at...
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    Totally done with OldMiniBikes Warehouse! FU!

    There was an issue with the weight and dimensions on these tires. I have that corrected now and updates should be visible later @BBQJOE We do our best to make sure the 10's of thousands of items we sell have the proper weights and dimensions. This was a mistake. We are a small family owned...
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    This is why you use billet rods

    @Davis Thank you for posting this. I do the tech support for OldMiniBikes and hear all the time that the stock rod is fine! The billet rod is $65 for that....cheaper than the clutch was!
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    Homelite KL 95 info and parts???

    Reach out to Sam Bennett @cambo61 I believe Same knows about these engines. I have the reeds for those too! @markus
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    Skat Kitty Kickstands

    PM sent
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    Azusa Mini Bike Kit Sellers

    OldMiniBikes will beat any price and has a proven track record...just not in the kissing booth as Dave detailed! Send me an email at and put Gray Goat in the subject line. I will do whatever I can to help you
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    New member in Oceanside CA, anyone close to me?

    @Twinjetguy Ryan, Any fork will fit on any is all about how much work needs to be done! Nova frames are cool! Run it until you find something else. take it to TJ and have it chromed! LOL BTW...the is Eric in Long Beach!
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    Murray track 2

    I had that tank made to fit that bike specifically. I found some small aluminum tanks on eBay, bought the cap, and made the brackets. Had a friend glue it together with tig glue! LOL It is aluminum that I lost my fingerprints on when I polished it! Get creative and find something to make your...