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  1. creia

    Where do u guys buy your aftermarket stuff?

    If you are referring to engine parts I try to avoid "aftermarket" at all costs and only purchase OEM parts. Michael
  2. creia

    clutch choice advice neaded

    I would contact Jim Donovan at Max Torque Clutches He is a wealth of knowledge and a very nice gentleman. He has helped other forum members with their special needs for clutches. Provide him with your engine specs and your performance needs. I would bet he already has a clutch for your needs or...
  3. creia

    Chrome versus powder coat versus?

    If you have never had re-chroming done before I would suggest that you be seated when they provide you with the quote and be prepared for HUGE "sticker shock". (been there, done that- many times) Nothing, and I mean NOTHING (these "alternative methods") comes even close to real chrome. Michael
  4. creia

    Heald Super Bronc VT-8

    I own a 1974 VT-B Super Bronc. The RIDE is decent enough (for a minibike). Manuvering/turning/handling (especially on tight turns) during trail riding is not so good, however, and is a bit challenging. Can of like driving a big bus or truck on on a narrow winding mountain road. "toomanytoys"...
  5. creia

    Briggs 5hp crankshafts

    What they said!! ^^^^^^^^^
  6. creia

    Briggs 5hp crankshafts

    Specifically, why are you replacing the crank? Michael If the flywheel has already been removed (sounds like it has) you can still compare (and take pics) of the flywheel side ends of the 2 cranks for comparison. Michael
  7. creia

    Briggs 5hp crankshafts

    Let's see some good side-by-side pics of the original crank and the one you bought. Is this a used or new crank? If the former (suspected), there are some critical measurements on used cranks that you need to check out before installing them. Michael
  8. creia

    H40 HS50 Exhaust Screws

    Get a 1/4-20 tap and clean up ("Chase the threads") in the block- use plenty of cutting oil. In a pinch, and if you are a cheapskate, (not saying you are) you can try using a Grade 8 1/4-20 bolt and do the same instead of the tap if they are not boogered too bad. Michael
  9. creia

    Mini Bikes in your house?

    I do not as I prefer to stay married. I have already taken up 1/2 of our 2 car garage with them and that is about the limit... Michael
  10. creia

    what are you listening to v.2.0

    My fellow old timers here will remember this one. From 1969, however, the words he sings still apply today... Michael
  11. creia

    WTB. Small block Tecumseh oil drain plug.

    100% correct. ^^^ My local Ace hardware even has the (nicer looking) zinc-plated (shiny) ones. Michael
  12. creia

    Rear sprocket size for DB30S with Predator 212?

    Best explanation right there^^^^. To The OP: Your original question cannot be properly answered w/o additional information as there is no "one size fits all". Add to that the fact that perceived performance is very much personal preference and quite subjective and will vary from individual to...
  13. creia

    Tecumseh HS50 oversized Intake Valve

    1/32" as per the Tecumseh Manual and Michael
  14. creia

    Trailmaster mb 200

    You are going to have to provide us with (a lot) more information than that if you expect any kind of real diagnosis and worthwhile answers. Put a little effort in.... Michael
  15. creia

    What's it worth? Early model 1972 Arctic Cat Prowler

    You have been here long enough (2019) to know better that asking the "What is it worth" question is Taboo on this forum. Michael
  16. creia

    air filter?

    Very typical of the air filters used on edgers with ("side popper)"Tecumseh engines. Michael
  17. creia

    Massimo/MudStar MB200S review/ugrades

    You are to be commended in your very thoughtful and detailed review of this bike. You will undoubtedly help others here in their decision to buy (or NOT to buy!) this bike. That being said, the photos you posted on the swing arm are all really crappy and out of focus. It is hard to see anything...
  18. creia

    Hodaka Bonanza

    Now marked as "SOLD" on the ad. Michael
  19. creia

    Cat 250KE

    That could be a "good luck" as far as finding a replacement (and not bent) set of Cat forks. There are talented individuals who know how to correctly bend them back (not me), some of which are members on this forum. I have seen forks bent worse than yours that have been restored. Michael
  20. creia

    Tubeless Tires on Astro Rims?

    Just an FYI: Azusa Engineering wheels are "problematic". It is widely known that many of them do not run true with side to side or up and down wobble (or both) which causes issues with maintaining proper chain tightness/alignment and drum brakes do not work well. Michael