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  1. will72rupp1

    trike I.D. needed ! any info or any parts would be great thanks

    i am thinking its a manco? picked this up for $25.00 . looking for pictures adds, post them? parts, seat, front fender, just let me know? thanks..
  2. will72rupp1

    Manco wheel halves.

    i am going to need 1 half for 5inch, ill get back to you on it. thanks
  3. will72rupp1

    Help w/ Roadster2 S55 Engine Cover

    most likely you have a big steel flywheel, not the smaller aluminum flywheel, so you will have to run the square top cover, but you can get cover with the older pull starter on it, check eBay.. find one without the cut out for electric start.. it will bolt right on, also get a screen for the...
  4. will72rupp1

    Tecumseh Parts

    pm sent on Head and HS40 block/piston still available. If someone wanted to make a deal on both, I'd throw in an hs40 side cover
  5. will72rupp1

    Repo HS throttle assemblies

    any left?
  6. will72rupp1


    pm sent on seat & foam
  7. will72rupp1

    3 tec h50 engines for sale

    pm you for pictures of these motors! thanks
  8. will72rupp1

    Bunch of left over parts

    Bonanza Chain guard Brackets $20 available! pictures? & any Tecumseh parts left? any pictures of them?? just pm them to me.. thanks
  9. will72rupp1

    Power-Dyne brake

    i have the bracket for it, someone removed the 4 rivets that holds it on, so the fender is gone..
  10. will72rupp1

    Power-Dyne brake

    i still have this brake & the rear fender & mount $40.00 each shipped. both were taken off the same bike with 10 inch wheels, soft tail! the fender is real solid, has some rust, but needs to be sanded & painted.
  11. will72rupp1

    Slanted intake for a H35 Tecumseh

    hi i got one for trade only for a slant intake for a hs50 d port!
  12. will72rupp1

    Tecumseh hs fuel tanks

    i do have a couple of HS bracket set to offer for the plastic tanks front & side mount..
  13. will72rupp1

    Tecumseh hs fuel tanks

    still a few left, i have all the big tanks, & all the center fill plastic small tanks & the one small white side fill with white bracket..
  14. will72rupp1

    WTB Powedyne rear fender

    pm sent..
  15. will72rupp1

    tecumseh fun, & more to come, BUT NOT FOR SALE

    Thanks!! yes they are going on bikes! They are going to look so good lined up done, i got a few tanks & fenders getting done also. its a bit slow going with work & all. But i do have one of those its a bit dirty,
  16. will72rupp1

    Tecumseh 3.5 lighted wire routing

    all the older 2.5 3 3.5 4 5 hp motors that i have seen have the gen & coil wires out the front of the motor, with those long wires you got there i would say front side, on ebay i have seen the pug block you are missing for sale, big block Tecumseh motors i have seen the front side gen wires &...
  17. will72rupp1

    Power-Dyne brake

    I bought two minibikes for parts a while back i think this is off the power dyne, just been glass beaded & looks new, great shape, no brake shoes, but will include the old brakes if needed, they are shot! $40.00 shipped i know some of these bikes came with the front rim for this brake...
  18. will72rupp1

    tecumseh fun, & more to come, BUT NOT FOR SALE

    Thank you Docdc, i got a long way to go yet, i have a bunch yet to rebuild, I am in need of NOS HS40 pistons, & HS50 pistons both std & 0.10 over sizes, as for the paint its Dupli-color Ford semi-gloss black de1635, just make sure the paint & the parts are warm.
  19. will72rupp1

    tecumseh fun, & more to come, BUT NOT FOR SALE

    i have been rebuilding a few Tecumseh rupp motors! i need to add the decals, 4 more on the way, NOT FOR SALE..
  20. will72rupp1

    Rupp TC

    9/16 SIZE socket counter clockwise to loosen, if its stuck on the shaft spray it with wd40 let sit for a few days keep spaying it, clean the rust off the crankshaft, don't try to slide off any if it over a rusty crank!! i use a fine sandpaper, i get the guys old belts off a crankshaft...