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    1972 Speedway Red Baron mini bike resurrection

    i don't have any Sachs speedway models. frankly, i've never found one in the wild. and even if i did, i'm not sure i would buy it. i know *nothing* about the Sach motor or where to get parts. i'm pretty familiar with Tecumseh, so i just stick with that.
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    1972 Speedway Red Baron mini bike resurrection

    A friend of mine asked me to do a video on how i bring a 1970s mini bike back from a pile of parts, since he saw my garage of minibike hell. Anywho, it kind of spun out of control and into a nine part series of rescuing a 1972 Speedway Red Baron. This is just how i do it, and do it on a budget...
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    tecumseh flywheel 31332 needed.

    if you use the proper tecumseh flywheel removal tool, it won't break the flywheel.
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    Custom Exhaust

    that's a ruttman grasshopper exhaust. i believe you can buy that exhaust from Frank at
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    updated fox pics 1973 thunderbolt

    i could see it being 8 tooth on the jackshaft. with those big wheels it probably needs that.
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    updated fox pics 1973 thunderbolt

    i'm pretty sure it's either a 9 tooth or 10 tooth jackshaft sprocket. if you're running a tecumseh i would go 9 tooth. with a predator you can do 10 tooth.
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    Detroit Area Show

    also Frank and I have been talking about a summer mini bike show. i have 10 acre old VFW hall in Brighton MI with a huge parking lot. it would be free to rent because i own it. But frank thinks the detroit people won't travel that far to attend. ideas or comments??
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    Detroit Area Show

    yes sunday april 30th, 2023. it is happening. wayne county fair grounds in Belleville MI.
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    H40 HS50 Exhaust Screws

    yes 1/4-20. when i re-do a motor i always chase those threads with a tap. and i also use black allen bolts as the new bolt. i believe i'm using 5/8" as the length.
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    WTB. Small block Tecumseh oil drain plug.

    any hardware store sells these. in the plumbing section. 1/4" npt plugs. they are all of about $2 each, if that.
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    New piston/rings or just oversized rings on the old piston.

    i rebuild a lot of Tecumseh hs50 engines... probably done at least 50 of them for my bikes. and i always buy .010 or .020 oversize rings on the standard piston, and just adjust the ring end gap to the motor in question. i have never used standard rings. The advertised suggested ring gap should...
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    Heathkit boonie build

    the front suspension changes things. not so much because of the shocks, but it changes the front angle of the bike. the boonies do not handle well. so some subtle changes (like front springer shock and less square front tire) helps a lot. Handlebars helped too. the torque converter is a no...
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    Heathkit boonie build

    if you want to read more about the Heathkit boonie bike and some nice upgrades, check out the springer front end is a good mod. also a series30 torque converter instead of the stock 2speed stop-shift-go transmission is a must. And also change...
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    Broncco TX1 or TX2

    you're not even in the same country much less the same time zone!
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    Broncco TX1 or TX2

    where are you located?
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    Tecumseh Cam

    i would not recommend changing the hs50 port from D to O. i think a better approach is to just get rid of the cast flashings to make it flow better. less invasive and probably achieves the same end result. using epoxy on an air cooled motor, so close to the combustion chamber, just seems like a...
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    Mini bikes on the farm Northern Michigan 2023

    sounds good but please state the location/address of the venue.
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    Opinion, Paint this Rupp or leave it....

    for powder coating i use electric smokers that i bought at Lowes for $200 each. one does not have the depth to do a frame. but i have two of them that i sandwich together (they open clam shell style), and i can do frames that way. Just remove the doors, and make a hinge for the pair. that way i...
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    Stupid question? Is this dual-drive shaft Tecumseh good for anything?

    I did a side popper once like this.... but i really do not recommend side poppers as they are leg burners.
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    Stupid question? Is this dual-drive shaft Tecumseh good for anything?

    I don't know... i'm not a fan of the h35 especially the side poppers. It's the same amount of work/money to re-do an HS50, and it's the same physical size, and the HS50 does not have a side exhaust... And you can get a billet rod for the HS50... so why bother with an H35 if you live in snow...