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  1. deejaaa

    Post Up Vids of Your Rides.....

    or maybe not....
  2. deejaaa

    Jeep2003's - Micro Motor Bike - (Anything Goes)

    can you put a can next to it for a size comparison?
  3. deejaaa

    Mini Rokon - A 2x2 Azusa Build

    progress looks great!
  4. deejaaa

    thank you for the add and please help i traded for this tonight and have no ideal wha

    thanks for the add? not even sure what that means.
  5. deejaaa

    I got robbed

    i think someone needs a paddling! at least it was more valuable than spoons.
  6. deejaaa

    Bought a mini bike

    great story. glad it all worked out for both of you. you got your money and he got a bike. love happy endings.
  7. deejaaa

    Chinese 49cc Dirt Bike Review with Pictures

    nice and honest review.
  8. deejaaa

    Post Up Vids of Your Rides.....

    don't post much here anymore but i took a vid of a short ride today down the neighborhood. post up yours if ya get a chance. 13 hp honda, TAV, a few orhers but can't remember. Hey deejaaa, It looks like it's been a while...
  9. deejaaa

    Manco Big Cat questions

    is this what you're talking about? are the brackets still there?
  10. deejaaa

    Manco Big Cat questions

    take the neck apart, bring the bearings to a bike shop, let them match a set. chances are, they are an open bearing, encased in either a plastic or metal carrier. probably 1-2 bucks each.
  11. deejaaa

    Utility Bike from Scratch

    i used the handle from the pressure sprayer that the GX390 came from and made a sissy bar for the bike. your bike looks good as always.
  12. deejaaa

    SS300 value

    am i too late for the party?
  13. deejaaa

    Best Racing Baja Ever...

    latest: Like who? I bet it sells! Want to put money on it?
  14. deejaaa

    I finally picked up a Super Bronc

    great find!
  15. deejaaa

    Best Racing Baja Ever...

    sent the person a message. he definitely knows his stuff. what i wrote him: "what did you do exactly that makes a 400.00 bike worth 1400.00 to you? there are no mention of parts. give details." his reply: "Have you ever ridden a Baja Warrior before? Well if you were to ride it you would...
  16. deejaaa

    Baja MB200 Brake assembly shattered?

    bought mine used, cheap.
  17. deejaaa

    TAV-30 Max speed limit?

    i've been clocked at 50. stock warrior sprocket and TAV 30 with GX390.
  18. deejaaa

    Mini Rokon - A 2x2 Azusa Build

    if you can, i would add a front. i've had times i needed to stop better but only have a rear. nice build BTW.
  19. deejaaa

    BBQJOE's Seat Mod

    nice mod.
  20. deejaaa

    My Baja MB build.

    use this for the front: Kenda Speed Racer Front Tire | MotoSport what I'm using for the rear. didn't have room for anything wider.