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    Tecumseh H50

    I am not too picky, just something that is the correct size for the bike. I have a HS that was NOS that I am willing to trade
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    Tecumseh H50

    Does anyone near So Cal have a H50 for sale? I have a NOS HS50 but its not the right motor for my build. Willing to drive a couple hours if needed or pay for shipping?
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    Stellar Or Barris Front Forks

    I have a Barris that I am restoring and the front forks are bent so bad that I cant get them to straightened out enough to get them to cycle like they should. I took them and welded them to keep the project moving but I know that's now how they should be. Does anyone know of a set they would...
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    MINI BIKE FRAME What is it?

    Alright folks, with all the new found free time I am going to finally finish this thing. I got it running in 2014, rode it around mocked up, hard to find parts were sourced but I do have some questions. Is there anyone still selling replica tires? I have the originals and they are not what I...
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    Stellar Quasi Frame and Forks, and.....

    Do you still have this?
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    Barris Super Stocker decals

    Do you have any more that you have restored? I am interested. I am restoring an old Barris now.
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    Mac's 5th Annual Minibike Yard Sale SoCal 1-24-15

    I will be there!! CL post: ▆ Mac's Minibike Yard Sale 1-24-15 ▆
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    NOS General 5.30/4.50-6 tires

    I will take 2 please.
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    Honda/Clone Predator Header

    Let me know if it falls through.
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    Tecumseh h50 mini bike linkage
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    Predator right side tank and spares.

    PM sent.
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    Bonanza Tecumseh mod

    WHat Bonanza Drum/sproket are you running?
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    Predator right side tank and spares.

    Tank still available?
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    Joe's MiniBike Reunion So Cal

    I have never been but am definitly looking forward to it and hopefully finding some Holy Grail parts I need.
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    Joe's MiniBike Reunion So Cal

    Its free to come and walk through it, you only register if you want to display or want a booth or section to sell stuff.
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    Joe's MiniBike Reunion So Cal

    Anyone going to this?
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    George Barris Collection Scrap Book

    I am in desperate need for a chain guard myself. You wouldnt have any would you?
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    Bent Front Fork

    BUMP :scooter:
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    Bent Front Fork

    The bend is slight. a picture wouldn't show much. Its like a beat pool cue at a bar. The problem is that it doesn't allow the spring inside to cycle because it hits the outer shaft. I have tried to bend it myself but short of being able to put it into a press with the exact cut out, I cannot.
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    Bent Front Fork

    Does anyone know of somewhere (shop or fellow mini biker) in Southern California that can straighten out a front fork? Any "at home" methods that dont require a large press?