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  1. mipowdercoater

    I need advice on 2000 and up Chevy trucks with 4L60E or 4L80E transmissions.

    I love the 4l60e. I've had two trucks with over 200k on the original trans.
  2. mipowdercoater

    Stolen Identity

    I doesn't work that way. Here is a picture showing basically how ssl works.
  3. mipowdercoater

    V Twin on a Mini bike
  4. mipowdercoater

    Motovox MBX10

    Cool story.
  5. mipowdercoater

    It does a dad's heart proud, (son shooting the SKS like a boss)
  6. mipowdercoater

    It does a dad's heart proud, (son shooting the SKS like a boss)

    I wouldn't post a video of you violating 922r. TAPCO - Section 922r Compliance
  7. mipowdercoater

    My First Sled

    I bet it feels good to be an Internet tough guy. Not sure what your talking about entry level junk ? Doesn't matter though. I know Polaris makes inferior products and if others want that junk that's on them.
  8. mipowdercoater

    My First Sled

    Its a polaris don't get too excited and get used to wrenching on it.
  9. mipowdercoater

    Honda 250R enduro junkyard find

    Those are a 1kish running ready to ride so unless it was free and shipping was like 50 bucks I dont see how it could worth it.
  10. mipowdercoater

    Fox Spoiler for a 1973 Suzuki 125 TC debate!

    I've owned both the ts125 and tc125 and there is no way it can go 80mph maybe 55-60 but thats it.
  11. mipowdercoater

    california bad is it really ?

    It's hard for us Michiganders to understand as we have the largest amount of fresh water in the U.S. I can't imagine what it's like to not water your grass or wash your car. It seems to me instead of funding this stupid high speed rail California should be finding a way to remove salt from...
  12. mipowdercoater

    The WTF picture thread

    That's a Toyota for you.
  13. mipowdercoater

    Brought Home Another Old Motorcycle

    Nice find. My brother had one same year and color. He rode it around for a few weeks before it blew the engine. He listed it for sale and this guy bought it and resold it. Home page
  14. mipowdercoater

    Whats your favorite movie quotes?

    Guess you haven't read the bible as it does exist.
  15. mipowdercoater

    Honda help?

    This will bolt in however I would say find an xr200 engine instead. New ATV Gio Beast 200cc 4 St Manuel 4 Speed Engine w Reverse Electric Starter | eBay
  16. mipowdercoater

    Motorcycles... post yours

    That is wicked!!!!
  17. mipowdercoater

    Motorcycles... post yours

    I would love to own one however I would end up dead.
  18. mipowdercoater

    Motorcycles... post yours

    At 95% parts American made that's a lot more then any jap bikes. I'm not saying I wouldn't own a foreign made bike but now that I can I wouldn't buy anything but American products.