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    DMP Minibike

    Nice bikes! Im currently doing a build of this same bike.
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    1970 kawasaki coyote mb a1 build suggestions

    ive read that the only reason they discontinued the 2 stroke version was because the motors would blow up when you tried to climb hills and stuff, im more of a fan of the 4 stroke version myself, but I doubt it would be too hard to fix a 49er in there
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    front forks with suspension

    Its is for a 1970 kawasaki mb a1. Making it custom not doing original restore
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    front forks with suspension

    looking for a set of front fork preferably the older one with the coil springs, show me what you got
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    1970 kawasaki coyote mb a1 build suggestions

    as you can see its missing the motor mount, I was thinking about possibly fixing up that kd100 motor and sticking that in there, I also post a pic of a old 5 horse I could use, but yeah the frame is pretty bare, the other photo is a different build I did
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    1970 kawasaki coyote mb a1 build suggestions

    hey guys I just picked up a 1970 Kawasaki mb a1 frame, I traded a buddy 2 smokes for it, it is literally just the frame though, no forks no wheels no engine nothing. I was wondering if I should try to do and original restore, or hot rod it out, put a bigger engine, maybe do a trike, let me know...
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    performance flywheels

    does anybody know if they make performance light weight flywheels that can power a charge coil?
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    Scwhinn chopper/ gx160 build

    mad props on this one
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    New Build.

    im really digging that tank:laugh:
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    chop shop project

    what kind of engine is that, kinda new to this stuff