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  1. relicracing

    Other Hobbies

    …& GD/Dead & Co. shows. We just went to PITS 2023 & have tickets to 4 shows of the summer tour.
  2. relicracing

    Other Hobbies

    Old motorcycles. Used to run in ultramarathons, mostly off road, and compete in single day adventure races. Now retired from working, I’m returning to vintage racing. Building a short tracker now, then refreshing an Ascot for roadracing.
  3. relicracing

    Hi all, first post. Roddy branded muskin cat

    Glad you found us. I’m sure that mini feels the same. Good luck with your project.
  4. relicracing

    Beer thread

    Glasstown Brewery. Just across town. 609 IPA! “Mother’s Milk”.
  5. relicracing

    Cheetah Parts

    Very nice, unthrashed, mini. Good luck with it. There is a “Wanted” section that would probably serve you better, in your search for the spring, or whatever else you may need. Whenever I come across something I don’t need, but couldn’t pass on, I scroll through it looking for someone who does...
  6. relicracing

    Is this country getting trashier?

    I walk my dog around the neighborhood and always carry a trash bag, for litter. Today is trash pickup day and my bag will be full of what the collection guys spilled as they did their JOB. The old folks give me a thumbs up and the youngsters think I’m a kook. Just can’t step over it, though...
  7. relicracing

    Engine stand

    …& these work well, for that.
  8. relicracing

    Spring Meet in Oley, PA

  9. relicracing

    New/Old guy

    See below. They have their own FB site, for additional info/updates. Not my event, I just go/vend every year. Good time.
  10. relicracing

    New/Old guy

    Welcome to the Forum. Enjoy the ride. Couldn’t help but notice the photos on the wall & the ice tires. Similar interests down here, in Millville, NJ. Good luck with the Sundowner. I’m a Fox fan as well, but mostly the spoked, flathead models. Try to make the Perkiomen Chapter Minibike meet in...
  11. relicracing

    Adran Trials Tire 12.5X6

    Still looking. Scammers, please pass on me. It’s already been tried. Thanks, either way, honest folks. -Thom
  12. relicracing

    what is this

  13. relicracing

    Holiday PSA

    Gramms is gonna’ outrun that Santa, this year!
  14. relicracing

    Holiday PSA

    Love them while they’re here, let them know it and remember (keep loving) them when there gone. It’s very sad, but what else can you do until it’s our own time to join them. Hang in there. Happiness will return. They’re at peace. Faith.
  15. relicracing

    *Warning* Lil Indian Mini Bike Group FB page *Stay Away*

    All of this bickering, is sad. You're all grounded. No Minibike riding for any of you, until you behave. ”Lawyers”, please.
  16. relicracing


    Belated, Happy Birthday wishes!
  17. relicracing

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !

    Much to be thankful for. Grateful to have found this forum and all you like-minded, minibike fans.
  18. relicracing

    Bucket of “Rupp” Parts, Part II. Kickstands

    All kickstands have been sold. Thanks, everyone & Happy Thanksgiving, tomorrow!
  19. relicracing


    Coker tire, if you have the clearance. I don’t. That’s what I have mounted on the rear of this Arco, I’m building.
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