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  1. pomfish

    Spring Meet in Oley, PA

    Just means am going to sell some mini bikes and parts.
  2. pomfish

    Engine stand

    I remember I think it was Kustom Kart Kid having this deal on his vehicle at The Hot Dog Hut meet many years ago. If it wasn't him it was someone there. It shook pretty good, needed a shim or maybe attach a bungie to help dampen, loved the idea.
  3. pomfish

    Spring Meet in Oley, PA

    Excellent! This is the "Year of the Great Downsize" Now here's hoping for no rain.
  4. pomfish

    RIP David Crosby

    Agree with not having any of these rockers spewing their crap during a concert, regardless of which poison they prefer. I pay to hear the music. As Frank Zappa said "Shut up and Play your Guitar!" Also hate the sing along crap and worst of all is this; "Come on and make more noise! The crowd...
  5. pomfish

    Go kart roller i.d. wanted...

    Rupp turbine wheels $$ Frame is probably RobRon (Rupp Clone, well built) but could be actual Rupp. The usual experts will chime in and educate.
  6. pomfish

    Is this country getting trashier?

    Went to WallyWorld on Thursday and when putting my cart back in the corral noticed the cart ahead of me had a large and small trash bag in it. A-Hole probably does it every time they come so they don't pay garbage company. Wish I would have seen it happen. Also got nice dent on rear hatch of...
  7. pomfish

    1971 - 72 Scat Cat Sassy ( Proverbial Barn Find )

    Gotta love the honesty in the flyer; "ALL MINI-BIKES ARE DELIVERED WITH ALL FAULTS AND WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND" But they would upgrade the 3HP to a 5HP for only $10 more, that would be a handful for a 80lb inexperienced kid! Because the SASSY was the starter model, pretty sure most/all...
  8. pomfish

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy, May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963.

    I knew what you meant and you are right on all counts. All those guys would have been pals and met at the island. Bill doesn't like the whore term. He says Men are studs when Promiscuous or so I've heard :)
  9. pomfish

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy, May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963.

    Nah, JFK wouldn't need an Epstein, had to beat them away with clubs as as it was and didn't have to pay like Epstein. As far as Clinton, Monica owes him big for all her money and fame. Her Mom was in on getting Clinton, who else saves a "stained" dress "just in case" She plays the victim all the...
  10. pomfish

    Whats this tiny mini bike?

    CAT 300 or maybe 250
  11. pomfish

    Stupid question? Is this dual-drive shaft Tecumseh good for anything?

    Wonder if you couldn't fab up a bracket and attach an old bicycle generator with a belt pully and have a way to run lights without needing a lighting coil? AhhHa!
  12. pomfish

    Help identifying my Super Bronc. Is it a 1975 VT-10 or a VT-8?

    I see a whole lot of what appears to be $$$ Show Chrome, damn nice bike running or not.
  13. pomfish

    Vintage mini bike need help!!

    Think it's the extra gas tank looking deal below the seat.
  14. pomfish

    Happy Birthday RobertC.

    RobertC !! Happy yearly trip around the old Sun! Hope for many more to come.
  15. pomfish

    Vintage mini bike need help!!

    Advice? NO, I gave an Option, an Idea, an Opinion on the way to make the most money with out having to try and sell locally, make a crate to ship etc. on something he got for Free/No Cost/All profit on any sale if that is what he decides to do. For all we know the guy is 6' 8" tall and can't...
  16. pomfish

    Vintage mini bike need help!!

    The more I look that bike the more low mileage it seems to be. Foot peg rubbers are in great shape as is scrub brake rubber and Tires look like a lot of tread. Good money to be had for those 7" Tire and Rims. Lots of good parts here. Part that sucker out and buy a bike all ready to ride maybe.
  17. pomfish

    Vintage mini bike need help!!

    Yeah, put that throttle up on Epay auction only (not buy it now), watch it go high and Smile man! Does the base of the carb have ribs on it where the fuel bowl mounts up, can't tell form the pictures? Have a carb that came from one of those overseas Tecumseh and it has that is why I ask. Later...
  18. pomfish

    Can anyone tell me any info on this sweet ride???

    Heald You will have to give us the engine tag info for more info. Doesn't matter at $50 you Done Good SON !!