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  1. capguncowboy

    parts for heald super bronc minibike

    16+ years later -- That's gotta be a record, right?
  2. capguncowboy

    Go kart

    I'm not sure what model/year but I'm pretty sure it's a Rupp
  3. capguncowboy

    what bike is this?

    Fox Sprite. Front wheel looks like it's off a 69 Rupp
  4. capguncowboy

    Need Help With Rupp Serial #94610

    The fenders and shocks look like they came off a 69 Rupp or a 68 model large-tire
  5. capguncowboy

    Mystery Machine Minicycle

    The tank on that bike is from a Rupp. I would guess the original was the ARCO tank. Similar in design but it's stepped on the top
  6. capguncowboy


    It's too bad that gas tank is dented. The price wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't
  7. capguncowboy

    The Vintage Mini Bike Family Photo Scrapbook

    High-speed forks incoming!
  8. capguncowboy

    Need another ID

    Not a cat.
  9. capguncowboy

    Obviously Bonanza But Which One?

    If it was hodaka powered originally, the paint on the engine plate would show wear where the engine mounts were. Post a top-view picture of the engine plate
  10. capguncowboy


    Don't get me wrong. It's a nice example of a Murray, but these were sold nationwide at Walmart and other retail stores. They were mass produced. They will most likely never be rare in the sense of other bikes, and they don't have the appeal of older generations of bikes.
  11. capguncowboy


    "it's incredibly rare" I think I saw about 20 of those the last time I was at Windber
  12. capguncowboy

    WTB—Tecumseh 5HP

    That hole is where the valve cover vented to originally
  13. capguncowboy

    WTB Manco grips

    Those were used on Hilltoppers as well. Someone was selling those a few years back but I can't recall who
  14. capguncowboy

    Cat 300SS Clutch Cover/Chain Guard

    I have an NOS medium length guard. I'm pretty sure you could remove the tailpiece and use it as a short guard. No sticker though :( If you're interested, PM me
  15. capguncowboy

    1969 Rupp TT500

    I had one with an engine built the last week of December. I have doubts it would have made it to the showroom floor and into a home before the end of the year, but it was still a 68 model. So are you asking if there are two-piece engine plate TT500 models out there? Rupp would have retooled...
  16. capguncowboy

    Part number for

    I've used these before
  17. capguncowboy

    What is this bike?

    Good to see you! Yes, I'm here. Mostly just lurk in the corners these days.
  18. capguncowboy

    What is this bike?

    Baja MB250
  19. capguncowboy

    What is it??

  20. capguncowboy

    Ez Rider information?

    With the scrub brakes, I would guess Bird, but I know very little about karts in general