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    What Tig Welder?

    We need more info .What are you going to use it for ?aluminum or just steel ? How thick metal ? How often are you going to use it ? Production work or just farting around at home ?
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    Flooded minibike

    Remove the spark plug ,pull the starter rope 10 to 20 times with the fuel shut off ,replace the spark plug with a new one (you can burn off the gas with a torch then wipe the plug clean with a rag if you really want to save the old one ) then start it up .Check the oil to make sure the level has...
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    Not to be outdone (Strigoi)

    Very nice .
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    need help... i think.

    Have you checked the flywheel key ?
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    New family member

    We have a salt pool with stairs so the dog would swim all the time ,2 - hour long walks a day , changed up his food every few bags ,carrots for snacks,camp swimming on the river chasing ducks ,and catching red squirrels up until about the last year ,he was a great dog ,and only one unscheduled...
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    New family member

    That really is awesome .I had a near identical dog ,and he passed 3 months shy of 22 years old ,of old age ,so she might be around a very long time .
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    All good things must come to an end......

    Where we used to ride ,is now a Costco ,Lowe’s ,Home Depot ,and a ton of other big box stores ,along with a very large cemetery .It was an open pit mine that had shut down in the 50’s ,so we had a great riding area as kids .There is still some wild areas surrounding the development ,but I don’t...
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    Cannot find these tires anywhere

    Honda qa50 bikes used that tire size ,since you are a Canuck ,try Phat50’s ,pretty sure he has them in stock .
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    1974 Honda st90 repairs

    Those bikes are a little tough to find parts for ,DR ATV is a good site to look through ,as they have some parts but they show the parts diagrams so you can search by part number in other places .
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    1974 Honda st90 repairs

    It’s a 428 chain ,sorry I do not know the length off hand .
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    Shipping an engine questions

    I ship a lot of dirt bike engines ,and usually I find a cheap cooler to ship them in .They are lite ,cheap ,and tough ,and the end user gets a cooler out of it .
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    Jiangoong 5.5 leaky fuel tank

    If you can’t find anything else ,some “seal all “will work to seal it up and it is able to handle the gas .
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    Me and the Mrs. said

    Very sad to hear .
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    Motorcycle Lift

    You will be very happy with that ,I actually have 3 different lift tables and would purchase any of them again in a heartbeat .
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    Motorcycle Lift

    That’s the scissor lift my friend uses ^^^ that’s much better than the usual atv style lift .
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    Motorcycle Lift

    What lift from Harbour freight are you asking about ? A drive on motorcycle lift table is what I use and it’s great ,my friend uses the scissor type of motorcycle lift ,once again it lifts very high and works great ,the ATV lift does not lift high enough for me so it’s something I would not...
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    Loud Bang/Mini Explosion, Now it Won't Start

    If you go to the Honda-clone-predator engine section of this site ,then read the very first post ,you will see what this site believes in ,and you are proof as to why .
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    Getting 8,000 RPM from a 15HP power fist engine.

    Mathematically yes that sounds about right ,but once you add the friction of the water into the mix (like the difference between walking on the beach ,or walking up to your waist in the water )and the friction loss from the chain and sprockets you won’t achieve that speed .Do you know the power...
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    Getting 8,000 RPM from a 15HP power fist engine.

    You wouldn’t need a jackshaft if you can line all the pumps up with the engine output shaft ,your engine probably turns about 3200 rpm at full speed so using something like a 6 inch diameter sprocket on the engine out put and putting somewhere close to a 2.5 Inch sprockets on the pumps (you do...
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    I did it. I cut my Trailmaster in half....

    My son and I broke 7 KTM 450 frames one season racing ,looked just like that l.o.l. , I would call that the “KTM Trail master “ and paint it orange .