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  1. chrisr

    High performance parts 10hp Tejuckseh.

    Here is a pic of mine (HM80). Works great - no replacement for displacement! Thunderbolt |
  2. chrisr

    2023 Royal Enfield INT650 Mark 2 & 2023 Royal Enfield INT650 Sunset Strip

    The have a dealer here in Wichita, KS, and they said they have a parts warehouse in United States.
  3. chrisr

    2023 Royal Enfield INT650 Mark 2 & 2023 Royal Enfield INT650 Sunset Strip

    Wanted to get your all's thoughts on these. They seem to have pretty good reviews. Thanks
  4. chrisr

    Fox Thunderbolt?

    Here is a pic of mine. Thunderbolt |
  5. chrisr

    Fox Thunderbolt?

    Fox Thunderbolt.
  6. chrisr

    Getting a VIN for a home made bike in Kansas

    The original wheels, front forks and rear swing arm were all from a GPZ1100.
  7. chrisr

    Heald Super Bronc progress.

    A 5/16-24 fine thread tap is what you want, and you want the bolt to go into the PTO appox ~ 2 inches and the bolt used to secure the driver should not bottom out in the hole. When drilling and tapping, you would want to use safety glasses and use oil. While taping, you should backup a 1/4 turn...
  8. chrisr

    Heald Super Bronc progress.

    They make drill guides to help center the hole when drilling the PTO. Maybe someone on here can share such a guide. I use a socket over the PTO and mark center that way and drilling the PTO is pretty soft. Just need to be careful taping and drilling. Let us know how it goes.
  9. chrisr

    Heald factory headlight.

    By default, the charging system on the older Tec like yours with points I believe would be enough to power the front and rear light without a battery (at least mine can). At idle, you will note the front light is dim and when you are riding it brightens up. However, without a diode this is AC...
  10. chrisr

    parts for heald super bronc minibike

    @chatten63 may be able to help.
  11. chrisr

    Tecumseh HM-80 starter motor delete.

    Here you go...
  12. chrisr

    Massimo/MudStar MB200S review/ugrades

    It may be the picture, but it looks like your wheel is too far to the left if aligned with the fender. If all was straight in stock form, you may want to re-consider your aftermarket addons since that is really not Massimo fault for your alignment issues. Moving the engine plate to the left...
  13. chrisr

    Just found this mini at a car swap today -

    Those are great mini bikes and I believe were a re-brand of the Gilson. I remember as a kid sitting on them in Wards dreaming of riding them :). There is a dipstick on the left which should allow you to add oil to the right level and in front and rear of the motor has an oil drain hole. Thanks...
  14. chrisr

    Thoughts on this?

    Looks like a VT-7 with accessories like hitch, front brake and light. They are smaller than the VT-8 or VT-10 but do not seem to see many around as the others.
  15. chrisr

    Parachute kit

    Anyone have a picture of this bike in use or out of its container?
  16. chrisr

    My first Heald Super Bronc

    @chatten63 is a good source for Bronc parts.
  17. chrisr

    Getting a VIN for a home made bike in Kansas

    I came across a cheap dirt bike with no motor and decided it was time to update the 2018 home built. With the new combo it does about ~ 52-55 mph vs. ~65-70 with the VC 460 but is much lighter in its new configuration and easier to push and move around the garage. Plus, the VC 460 was not setup...
  18. chrisr

    updated fox pics 1973 thunderbolt

    9 tooth front and stock rear with Tec 8hp and works well.
  19. chrisr

    Heald Super Bronc VT-8

    @chatten63 is a good source for Bronc parts.
  20. chrisr

    Want to learn how to Weld

    I have a small Miller 220v wire welder that I bought almost 40 years ago, and I use Argon/CO2 mix with .030 wire. It can do the small or large stuff and have modified and made multiple projects that without it I would have never been able to do. The 110v should be fine for home stuff but adding...