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    2 Speed Clutch

    Did you by any chance read the instructions?
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    Mowing in the Dark....

    You didn't stop to think this deal you don't have an excuse to quit for the day and drink a beer!:drinkup:
  3. renegade12


    2017 build off Renegade
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    4 Jaw Chuck and Indictor

    Honestly, I haven't used a 4 jaw chuck in probably 20 yrs. Why?.....because 2 of my lathes are set up with 6 jaw adjust-tru chucks. They will clamp up with uniform pressure and distort things less with 6 jaws versus 3 or 4, plus the chuck itself can be adjusted on the back plate. This saves so...
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    Predator question

    Use # 7 1/2-8's shot. It probably won't take over 4-5 lbs, depending on your handle bar length. Don't worry about it flattening or going to's no being constantly pounded like a ad blow hammer. Lead has much better dampening qualities than steel. Try a gun shop or reloading supply, or...
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    Predator question

    Fill your handlebars with lead shot.....I did on mine and it cut down vibes dramatically.
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    How long should shaft bolt for predator 212 be ?

    I guess I wasn't thinking about what is common. I used a 1-1/2 SHCS because I made a counter bored washer/retainer so it wouldn't stick out so much, and give me more room for the TC cover.
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    Predator 212 question

    In a There are ways to do it, but it will cost more than what the motor costs.
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    Restoring and repainting fairings on motorcycle

    When I painted the plastic fenders on my build off bike, I used Valspar outdoor clear plastic primer, and over coated with single stage acrylic enamel. No problems.....
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    Turbonique Rocket Kart

    That musta been an early version......the one I saw had twin gas turbines. I actually saw it at the local drag strip when he raced Don Garlits. That was a looong time ago....
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    Minibike Cover

    I made one from an old gazebo canvas. For inside use, don't use plastic or a cheap tarp, you need something that will breathe. If you use something that is water tight, it won't let moisture escape.
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    what kind of briggs do i have? /starter question

    Looks to me that the crank is correct for the ball bearing type ratchet driver. The shroud may not work though...
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    Need red spray paint for 1958 B&S engine.

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    Where do you store them all?

    I've had the same problem lately. Back in March, a mini tornado wiped out my toy shed. It was a 8x12 Lifetime Poly Shed(basically like a Rubbermaid), but actually a pretty decent no maintenance building. The high winds basically sheared it right off the floor, and exploded it and wiped out...
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    Repairing Fuel Pick-Up Tubes

    It's also a good idea to measure the distance the pick up tube protrudes from the bottom of the carb, and compare that to the distance to the bottom of the tank. You'll want about 1/16" clearance. I had a 3.5 Briggs that all of a sudden would not start, until you used starting fluid, then would...
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    Just Runnin'

    I was curious how a long tail compares to a standard 2 stroke outboard of about the same horsepower, say a 9.9 Johnson.
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    Just Runnin'

    How big is your boat and how fast will it go?
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    JB Weld piston: Dumbest idea of all time?

    Aston, this will open up a whole new world for you....
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    JB Weld piston: Dumbest idea of all time?

    Looks like he tore a page out of the "Red Green" playbook. He went to a lot of effort to make a point that it will work....but in the end it is pointless.