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  1. zeeman

    Stellar mini bikes and parts wanted !!

    Hey Phil, Are you still looking for a Stellar minibike? I have one. I believe I have posted some pics on here, but it's been a long time. Let me know if you are interested.
  2. zeeman

    Honda minitrail Windber

    Hey Rob, I'm not going to Windber, but I have a Z50 that's pretty complete and was running a few years ago. I also have parts for it. I'm in Georgia, but I don't know if that helps you any. Wes
  3. zeeman

    Weekend at the Races

    Very nice pictures as usual Tom.
  4. zeeman

    Kawasaki Coyote Prototype

    I have the 4 stroke version in blue. I do like that greenish color frame. Thanks for posting.
  5. zeeman

    We loved our Stellar mini bikes

    I would like to see some pictures. I only have one Stellar, but I like it alot. Mine is really small.
  6. zeeman

    Sears mini bike

  7. zeeman

    Sears mini bike

    Hey Nad, Nice Sears you have there. I'm working on a slightly different Sears Roper, but progress is slow. Where did you find the Craftsman to Tecumseh cross over info.? I have found one or two sites with the information, but I need to be sure before I start ordering engine parts. Thanks.
  8. zeeman

    Now THIS is a cool scrapyard find....

    That's just what I was going to say. A swing set on train trucks.
  9. zeeman

    2x2 Build

    Dang, a Homemade Rokon! Nice work.
  10. zeeman

    Early 3HP Restoration/Hot-Rod

    Hey, this is a fun thread. I love the red color. Nice work might.
  11. zeeman

    Happy Birthday Mrbungle

    Wassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Grant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have my number. Call me sometime. Happy Birthday!
  12. zeeman

    Sears Roper Black engine color?

    Thanks Michael. I like the Rustoleum stuff.
  13. zeeman

    Sears Roper Black engine color?

    I need advice on what black paint would have come on my Sears Roper. It is black. Should it be a gloss, or semi-gloss color? Thanks guys. I have searched threads with no success.
  14. zeeman

    Sears Roper parts wanted

    Hey Rick, OldMiniBikes does have one, but it's not the one my bike had. Mine is taller, and mounts with two screws to the frame. Thanks for the help though.
  15. zeeman

    Early 3HP Restoration/Hot-Rod

    That's gonna take some buffing out! I like the engine. Seems like they were put on edgers and other power equipment back then. I remember working on one as a youngster. The flat, square fin cover was cool.
  16. zeeman

    Stellar remote fuel tank

    I think I threw away a tank that looked just like that when I did my Stellar Not. Sorry I could not help it. I sure hope you find one cheap.
  17. zeeman

    2015 OldMiniBikes Build Off Open Class Roper

    Wow, that was a fun build to look at! Excellent job.
  18. zeeman

    Sears Roper parts wanted

    Thanks cdownie. I sent you a PM.
  19. zeeman

    Tecumseh H050 carburetor float bowl and float

    That is a good deal JT. I'll check that site out for more Tec. stuff. Thanks.
  20. zeeman

    Tecumseh H050 carburetor float bowl and float

    Hey Papa! I got an original type form Capguncowboy. How you been?