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  1. BRad1983

    Bonanza BC1300 forks???

    I only question the bottom legs as they look like Rupps yea my thoughts exactly! So it looks like a bonanza upper half with lowers from something else because where the axle bushings are welded on looks like factory welds. Very strange haha
  2. BRad1983

    Bonanza BC1300 forks???

    I only question the bottom legs as they look like Rupps
  3. BRad1983

    Bonanza BC1300 forks???

    So it looks to me that somebody wanted a monkey bike(ct70) really bad haha and they cut and modified the top plate of the original fork, also chopping the top of both fork legs. I’ve since cut all of that off and am in the middle of filling back in the plates that were supposed to be there. Pics...
  4. BRad1983

    Bonanza BC1300 forks???

    Picked this bike up in gilroy from the back of a tow yard, doing a full restoration but can’t figure out if these are actual bonanza forks.
  5. Triple tree plates

    Triple tree plates

    One off front end on a Baja with moped front wheel with working drum brake
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  15. BRad1983

    Comment by 'BRad1983' in media 'bonanza chopper may 20191.jpg'

    Does anyone make a repop seat cover for scout seats? Thanks
  16. BRad1983

    Fox Trail Tramp... almost done. Brakes & Seat a challenge!

    There’s a guy selling the decals on eBay right now
  17. BRad1983

    What to use for exhaust pipe?

    I have had this Tig machine for about 2 years now and it has worked out great! It’s ac/dc and you can hook it up to either 110/220v 2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder with PULSE 110v 220v 3 YEARS WARRANTY
  18. BRad1983

    Fox Trail Tramp... almost done. Brakes & Seat a challenge!

    The Fox rear caliper looks very similar to the GoPed Bigfoot caliper, might be easier to come across, may have to massage it a little for mounting up
  19. BRad1983

    What to use for exhaust pipe?

    Without using any benders or muriatic acid to remove galvanizing, just find some chrome bicycle/motorcycle handlebars 7/8”-1” and cut out the bends you want or that fit your build, then you only have one weld to worry about(at the flange) and you’ll have a sweet chrome exhaust! Side note...
  20. BRad1983

    Welding with flux core

    Welding supply stores have better pricing on spools of wire rather than the 1 pound $16 spools at Home Depot, I found that 10 pound spools last a lot longer and are better priced for both mig and flux cored wire