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    Trying to recollect a chopper we had......

    They made a version of the Cat/Jcp (common purple colored chopper) that was red,white,and blue.
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    Tecumseh/Fantic Motor Broncco

    I have one that is totally original unrestored that I could sent you engine/governor pics etc of.
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    What have i got?

    It looks like it may be a Steen to me.
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    Wanted. Tecumseh front tin.

    PM sent.
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    Kawasaki Coyote Petcock

    They used 2 different ones. 2 stroke vs 4 stroke are different.
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    Broncco TX-3

    Any pics of the one you had ?
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    Private Car Collections

    Sounds to me like that may be the Brother's collection.
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    Broncco TX1 or TX2

    Any pics of your actual bike ?
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    I may have a red one with rear shocks and a blue one without rear shocks. PM me if interested.
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    Keystone Parts Wanted

    I have a "rough" somewhat complete Keystone. PM me if interested.
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    1969 Rupp TT500

    Has anyone on here ever had,heard of,or seen an original Rupp TT500 that was a 1969 (not a 1968) ?
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    Vintage mini bike need help!!

    The engine appears to be correct and original to the bike. That's how mine looks on one of my original Broncco's
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    Powerdyne chopper forks

    @JohnnyTillotson sent you a PM.
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    Indian outlaw chopper engine choice?

    I agree,not the best choice to build a go fast bike from. They are more of a "cool factor" bike to look at.
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    What Tig Welder?

    I've had and still have Lincoln and Miller both and overall still prefer Miller over Lincoln.
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    Fox mini bikes

    One of mine still has the original sticker on it but it has been painted over. Also with what I've had and seen most of them originally seemed to have came with a side popper unless they were purchased in a kit form minus the engine.
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    Fox mini bikes

    Just an FYI the 67-68 Fox Sprite 1138 does not share the same frame as the 67-68 Fox Doodle Bug 1238.
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    1967 rupp no Jack shaft is that the right year

    I'm pretty sure I saw where Mark said that it was a 1967.
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    Current Tecumseh Engine "Sham" on ebay

    Not the case here. He knows exactly what it is but hoping to find that 1 person that does not.