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    Jack shaft ratio

    Got it. I was thinking about swapping them if I can. I'll have to check the details, like clearance and tooth count. Appreciate it.
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    Jack shaft ratio

    It's late and my brain is fried, need a little input. I just changed the tires and the new ones are a little shorter than the old ones. I want to regain (and maybe add a little extra) of the top end/max speed. Do I want to increase or decrease the size of the primary side jack-shaft sprocket...
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    Scrub brake needed.

    My Golden Pinto needs a new brake shoe/pad. I would like to replace it with the same aluminum style, not the stamped steel kind. Any help?
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    new project from my cuz - what is it?

    That rear brake is looking rough, so I need to know where to look for replacement parts. Also, I don't know about the wheels either - I need a sprocket, bearings, etc... fer thems. Thanks folks
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    local source for Valve springs

    Thanks for the info on the rolling resistance - that's good advice. I plan on removing the gov, but probably not before I replace the carb, air intake, and exhaust. I understand there's plenty of support for clones, but this is what I have now so it looks like support is limited, eh?
  7. TEC 5

    TEC 5

    Tecumseh 5.0hp OHV power sport
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    local source for Valve springs

    I visited two ma & pa shops today and asked for 18# valve springs. I even brought in one of the stock ones from my tec ohv 5hp/power sport. The first guy basically told me to gtfo and sent me down the road. The place he sent me to was actually closer to my house. They had some springs that...