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  1. steveweippert69

    Need a solid 9 hp motor recipe...

    so what is the true ability of the tav as asked? can it be worked to hold more power of is it just weak?
  2. steveweippert69


    the animal is not a step down from the lo206 is a spec race engine. but for 500 you can build a nice clone with the right parts and will make more power for the price. but the animal is a better engine, after all it is made specificaly for racing. the 206 is what they call an animal intek and i...
  3. steveweippert69

    What carb to use??

    i run a 22 mikuni and run's well but i wish i had a tilly. my engine fellow builder buddy says if ya run a tilly you will have to replace rod bolts and bearing sooner though.
  4. steveweippert69

    5.5HP vs 6.5HP (Harbor Frieght Tools)

    you can put a 6.5 crank in a 5.5 just need a special piston and some block clearence. also you can put a 5.5 crank in a 6.5 will need a longer rod as the piston is about.215 to .225 in the hole. lol weve done both for sht's ang giggles they both run well. the 5.5 in the 6.5 has a good rod angle...
  5. steveweippert69

    bonanza 2 stoke project

    that is awsome how many cc's?
  6. steveweippert69

    Massaging a bit more power out of a 3.5hp??

    just as mbd said clean ports add header mabey find a carb with a venturi that matches your intk valve seatr id.
  7. steveweippert69

    carb bore

    i would like to get into building them for other people too, i have watched the kartrax video now, very informative now i want a couple of those ball hones
  8. steveweippert69

    Massaging a bit more power out of a 3.5hp??

    briggs or tech?
  9. steveweippert69

    West Bend 700 Kart/Minibike Engine for sale

    do you know the displacement and or power output
  10. steveweippert69

    carb jet

    the 140 e-tube will richen up the fuel curve
  11. steveweippert69

    Arctic Cat custom build

    that is beast, yam or honda engine?
  12. steveweippert69

    Newbie from Pennsylvania

    welcome that is a cool ride
  13. steveweippert69

    Minibike from the early 70's?

    no problem just glad to help:thumbsup:
  14. steveweippert69

    Minibike from the early 70's?

    mabey a qa50 sounds about right its by honda
  15. steveweippert69

    carb jet

    i hear the 92 works well its what we use in the kart engine's
  16. steveweippert69

    HP question, and am I missing something easy?

    sound's like a sturdy build. i think the 20.00 rockers are a good cheep part. also you could bore the carb a lil bit if you have the tool's like.625/.650 im with ols chool on the pin, i have the stock piston but i got a honda pin from a buddy of mine their cheep
  17. steveweippert69

    Tecumseh Power Sport Idling problems

    that is great advice ofg i had to do the same thing when i had one of those tech ohv 6hp's i eventualy changer out for a brigg's intek carb worked great i was getting 40mph with this carb and a hogged out muffler lol 12-72 gearing
  18. steveweippert69

    Clone Parts

    how do you come up with the lenghths and diam. of the stages? pipemaster soft?
  19. steveweippert69

    MB165 flat tracker

    that is i nice build man. is that the cadmium paint on the vlv cover and intake? oh ya why not throw a world formula carb on their ?
  20. steveweippert69

    Arc Welders

    i have 2 arc welders one lincon newer and an ancient sear that is beast. i love mig welder's as they are easier to work and learn with but a 220 arc can lay a mean bead