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  1. SteelheadBen

    $30 Junkyard Mini Bike Build!

    well, project is delayed. whoever said this was 35 chain was wrong. now I have to ship back the clutch and chain. does someone know the actual size chain I need? also, I need to order a twist throttle, can someone provide a link for a cheap set that would fit this bike?
  2. SteelheadBen

    $30 Junkyard Mini Bike Build!

    So i've decided to stick with the classic look of this mini bike and keeping the small 3.5 tecumseh motor. Ordered a clutch and chain from OldMiniBikes ebay and should be in by tomorrow. Until then, i got onto new paint. Carolina Tarheel blue w/ white engine block and covers. Coming out good!
  3. SteelheadBen

    $30 Junkyard Mini Bike Build!

    thanks for all the ideas! I figured I might as well use a bigger motor if I'm investing in a chain and clutch. I was thinking of using a good running 6.5 briggs engine off of a power washer I found at the same junkyard for 10 bucks. I assume I'd need a jackshaft to alighn it with the engine?
  4. SteelheadBen

    $30 Junkyard Mini Bike Build!

    anyone happen to know the chain size for this bike? and should I install a bigger motor to move me around? (200lb)
  5. SteelheadBen

    $30 Junkyard Mini Bike Build!

    Hello all, its been atleast 2 years since i've been back! I sold my old scrap hauler cheeftah mini bike and recently got back into mini bikes. I salvaged a rolling chassis out of a junkyard for 30 bucks! I have no idea the make or model, but its in good shape! While back in the fall, I garbage...
  6. SteelheadBen

    Trash Picked Mini Bike

    will the shaft size be the same? im finding no info on that anywhere, but i have seen several youtube videos of the baja mini bikes using the same clutch on a predator engine.. and how do i get the clutch off the old engine? Thanks in advance, im going to make a project log and finish this...
  7. SteelheadBen

    Trash Picked Mini Bike

    Found a free mini bike in the trash. Not vintage, but cool for being free. The people were moving and had a big big pile full of stuff and this was there. Loaded this up quick! It had a mitsubishi 6.0hp engine.. and yes, i said "had". Wouldnt start, checked air filter and the filter was missing...
  8. SteelheadBen

    Should I buy this?

    Scrolling through the CL today, found this: CL Info: Vintage Clark Cyclops mini bike new tires and tubes new 3HP engine new cables $300.00 CAN TAKE IT HOME. This was manufactured by the Clark Company in Conyers, GA.
  9. SteelheadBen

    1978 Cheeftah Bike Ride

    thanks, like and subscribe for more there buckeye!
  10. SteelheadBen

    1978 Cheeftah Bike Ride

    finally, after a long cruddy winter, got out my mini bike for a test ride. Took it in to school and worked on it, and kept it there over the winter ( free dry storage! ). Modified the throttle (only went to half before at top speed, now its full ) adjusted the back wheel so i no longer need an...
  11. SteelheadBen

    Honda GX160 Dumpster Find

    Found a honda gx160 in the dumpster a while back. Still thinking of swapping the engine on my Cheeftah mini bike for the honda. Currently has a 99cc Predator with a new clutch and it runs great, id hate to get the honda on because id need to get a whole new clutch due to the different shaft...
  12. SteelheadBen

    99cc Predator Engine Bracket Alignment

    so when i bought my cheeftah mini bike, the engine was placed in the origional engine brackets. The clutch that was on it at the time seemed to fit good. The old clutch had its teeth stripped so i bought a new one. When the new one went on, it didnt sit well with the chain. The chain bent to the...
  13. SteelheadBen

    newbie to mini's and band brakes

    Glad we could help :thumbsup: Welcome To OldMiniBikes Forums!
  14. SteelheadBen

    got 2 rupps of craigslist today

    theyre butes. how much did u pay for the pair?
  15. SteelheadBen

    hmmm... 1969 lil indian complete

    so i was browsing the web and came across a maybe gem... 1969 lil indian mini bike. not going to give away a link because this time i think i can get it. i included pictures. i think i can talk him down to $100... what do you think?
  16. SteelheadBen

    What Should I Do??

    i was recently offered 2 mini bikes, non running but complete for $60. Not sure on the type of bikes but positive they are not pocket rockets. One has a 6.5 hp craftsman the other, 5.0 craftsman. I am sure i can fix the engines. But the bad is that i am unsure of condition. I asked for a picture...
  17. SteelheadBen

    Look What I Stumbled Upon.. Tote Gote

    So i was browsing cl, still looking for a mb frame, and i stumbled upon this post. i have never seen one before anywhere.. How rare is something like this?? Tote Gote Good deal..? thinking about purchasing
  18. SteelheadBen

    Air Filter Installation ! Predator 212 cc

    I personally have not done that before, however K&N has a good selection of air filter kits
  19. SteelheadBen

    Ruttman Trike

    Well i wouldnt say its too rare, but nice though!
  20. SteelheadBen

    Fffffox Cccccampus

    sweet bike! looks pretty