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  1. heavygs

    Heald Hauler $750

  2. heavygs

    Options for Manco Big Cat Front End?

    Need to read those posts again. Both Tay and I had sleeves made to slide over the Honda stem. Mine was like yours a little thicker at the bottom.
  3. heavygs

    Heald Hauler $750

    Need to clear some room, too many projects, not enough room. First pic is how I got it, the second is how it is now. THE GOOD Front forks were disassembled, cleaned and greased. New ozite bushings and bolt in steering stem. New bearings in front wheel. Rear axle was disassembled and cleaned...
  4. heavygs

    New project, Heald Hauler

    Hate to do it, but I'll be putting this beast up for sale. I've got too many projects and not enough room or money. I just overhauled the trans, new bearings and seal on input shaft, replaced missing roll pin and shims. Somebody had it apart and had it all screwed up. The only thing I haven't...
  5. heavygs

    Super Bronc VT-10

  6. heavygs

    Vintage old skool kool?

    Someone say Cooper Clipper
  7. heavygs

    Super Bronc VT-10

    This is now listed in the for sale section
  8. heavygs

    Super Bronc VT-10

    I also have a Heald Hauler that will probably go up for sale
  9. heavygs

    Super Bronc VT-10

    Too many toys, need to make room. I built this bike in the 2016 Build-Off, so if anybody can find that thread, you can look there or I have lots of pics. It was stripped down to bare frame, sandblasted, and rebuilt with all new bearings, new Tecumseh 10hp, new belt, new brakes, new seat from...
  10. heavygs

    New project, Heald Hauler

    Haven't given up on it, progress has just been slow, been out of town alot for work, hopefully have some time for it now. Here are some pics of where it's at now.
  11. Heald Hauler 34.jpg

    Heald Hauler 34.jpg

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    Heald Hauler 35.jpg

  13. Heald Hauler 36.jpg

    Heald Hauler 36.jpg

  14. Heald Hauler 37.jpg

    Heald Hauler 37.jpg

  15. heavygs

    New project, Heald Hauler

    The rear axle in mine is a Comet SCD-1, some are a peerless. The bearings for mine are standard 1" axle bearings with 2 hole flanges, just about any go kart/mini bike shop should have them.
  16. heavygs

    New project, Heald Hauler

    A couple of questions, what is the best grease to put in the differential? And what weight gear oil should go in the F-N-R gearbox?
  17. heavygs

    New project, Heald Hauler

    Still plugging along on this beast, just disassembled the rear axle, had to be one of the roughest dirtiest jobs ever. I've got new bearings and hangars on order for the reassembly. I had some new bushings made for the steering stem. The seat and handlebars were a little too close for me, so I...
  18. Heald Hauler 22.jpg

    Heald Hauler 22.jpg

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    Heald Hauler 23.jpg

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    Heald Hauler 26.jpg