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    I'm looking for a mini bike or a frame

    You still looking for Frames? I have two: 1) 1960's Montgomery wards Mini Bike... Full shocks... No Engine -- $400.00 2) 1960's Powell Mini Bike... Swing Arm - Monoshock... No Engine --- $450.00
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    1969 Powell Roller... Needs a new home

    1969 Powell SN 3669 - D
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    1969 Powell Roller... Needs a new home

    1969 Powell Roller Asking $600.00 Or best offer. Pick up Local only. Orange Calif.
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    Powell 3867 d restore

    Hi Guy's! Just posted for sale... Powell 1969 - SN 3669-D. $700 or best offer... Mike
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    1969 Powell Roller... Needs a new home

    Started this project in 2010 -- Never had time to finish. The Engine was junked... (Not the original). Asking $700.00 Or best offer. Pick up Local only. Orange Calif.
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    Powell restorations 4 at a time

    Powell Mini Bike Hey Paul, Thanks for posting these Photo's! I bought a Powell about five months ago - not sure what year it is... Paid $140.00 for it on craigsList. Interesting how I paid the same price that Powell Ad from the 60's. I really don't want to Re-chrome the front end - Due to...
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    Backfiring clone

    Bad Gas... Choke is stuck closed... remove float bowl to check for debris... check spark plug gap at .035
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    M. Wards / Gilson mini #2

    Scott, I'm sort of new to the forum but, I have a M. Wards 525 that i am restoring. Planning on putting a 6.5 clone. These bike's are so cozy to ride -- even at high speed. Good luck with your projects... P.s. take a look at my custom tank.
  9. 1960's or 1970's Powell Mini Bike ???

    1960's or 1970's Powell Mini Bike ???

    Found in Trubuco Cyn, CA 8-31-10 for $140.00 - The Brake looks like something off a Tractor... Planning to Strip it down -- Paint & replace w/some new stuff from my friend Robin at Baddogg Minibikes. Need to know what color it was... MikeMiniBike
  10. 1969 - 1971 Monkey Wards Bike

    1969 - 1971 Monkey Wards Bike

    Found in Redlans, CA for $100.00 - upgrading the brake Assy. to Disk Brake - Machined a blank disk and modified a Carisle caliper - Notice my custom made Aluminum gas tank MikeMiniBike
  11. Custom Aluminum Gas Tank

    Custom Aluminum Gas Tank

    Custom made Aluminum Gas Tanks by MikeMiniBike
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    fuel tank

    I make Aluminum fuel tanks... they are 4.0" in Diam & capped on both ends with Hemisphers... If it is going under the rear seat of a Monkey Wards then, the end cap will be flat. It comes with a vented cap & Drilled & tapped for 1/8" NPT. Tanks are $75.00 plus shipping. Mike
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    Monkey Wards 525

    I am restoring a 70's MW 525 & the drum brake sucks! I heard a rumor that there is a disk brake/sprocket combination setup out there... Anyone know of this and maybe a website?
  14. Baddog Build #1

    Baddog Build #1

    BADDOG W/Honda Clone & Custom Tank
  15. Bad Dog W/custom Purple

    Bad Dog W/custom Purple

    Latest Baddog completed in June 2010. Custom Aluminum tank - TIG Welded - needs T/B polished & clear coated.
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    Gas Cap for Harbor Freight Clone needed

    Yo, I have one along with the whole tank... I am welding three aluminum tanks and, will also have one of these available. It will be 4.0" Diam X 10.0" long. Alum cap and Stop cock. Anyone interested -- let me know. As soon as one of these tanks is done -- I will let you know... Mike
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    Jackshaft sprocket

    I found one company who makes this so called "clutch gear or one way gear". It is Dayton Superior Products. I really hate to spend $118.00 on a gear... I may clean it up and go with it! Yes Steve, that is a Monkey Wards bike that you have -- outfitted with the Jackshaft.
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    Jackshaft sprocket

    I have a 70's Wards minibike. I am looking to purchase a special 24 tooth sprocket that is single directional w/bushings & internal spring loaded stops or brakes. Anyone know where to purchase this bad boy? Or, is there an easy fix. It is on a fixed/rotating jackshaft inturn connected to a...
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    New here from Orange, Calif

    My latest obsession: Mini Bikes Had one in 1971 - Cat 250 Bought a Baddog in May 2010 Have a Wards 1975 - needs Restoration