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  1. Kingkeef25

    need help and advice asap.

    ok so i have a doodle bug with a predator 212 with pipe and muffler, air filter, and 140 e tube and 36 jet. anyways it is hitting 40mph. but i want to change the back sprocket to a smaller one to give it more top end speed. because right now it has a 12 tooth clutch with a 70 tooth back...
  2. Kingkeef25

    I need to knowwww! Predator 212

    Ok guys so I currently have a predator 212 stock on my baja doodle bug and all I did to it was by pass the governor. It is currently maxing out at 37mph. But I know ordered a 11' header with pipe, a performance air filter, and a 140 e-tube with the .36 and .37 jets. And I, waiting for all of...
  3. Kingkeef25

    Confused about governor on 212 predator. NEED HELP

    Oh ok guys thanks a lot. And another thing is It's a brand new engine and when I pull start it it turns on for a second and then turns off. It does this several times before it actually turns on and stays on. What could this be? I try giving it a little gas when it turns on for that quick second...
  4. Kingkeef25

    Confused about governor on 212 predator. NEED HELP

    Ok so I recently got the 212 and put it on my mini bike. Now when I got it where the throttle hook up is suppose to go which is on the governor throttle I put it but it was super stiff. So I eliminated the governor throttle and ran my throttle cable to the little swing arm thing under the gas...