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  1. RobertC

    Heald VT-5 Questions

    Hello @nitrofish86 ...welcome to the forum ! They are a heavy bike, and really benefit from the gearing accomplished with the jackshaft. You can purchase most of the needed parts, from @Hent at link at the top of the page. Hent is the owner of our
  2. RobertC

    Harley x-90

    @x-90 rider will be able to tell you, when he's back online. He's our resident x-90 guru ! Excuse me, I didn't realize we hijacked this thread, until after I posted.
  3. RobertC

    Fkrs stole 3

    Cant stop thinking about this because it happened to us before. Make you some reward posters with pictures of your bikes. Put your phone # very bold. Do it on 8.5 x 11 regular paper, color if you can...and then PLASTER, and I do mean PLASTER them on every utility pole at every intersection...
  4. RobertC

    Super Bronc Project

    I'm glad you were able to get that lower removed. Good work !
  5. RobertC

    Fkrs stole 3

    Oh man, that sucks. I am so sorry to hear that. I'll keep my eyes open. I know it feels a bit useless, but be sure to file a police report. That way they are aware.
  6. RobertC

    Please help me I D my mini chopper

    Hello @Gareth.NZ ...welcome to the forum ! Cool little bike. Look for any numbers stamped on the engine casing...and show us a picture of them.
  7. RobertC

    What do I have?

    That's interesting. I've never heard of them...but when I saw it, it reminded me of a little petro. They were tiny like that.
  8. RobertC

    Remembering Memorial Day.

    God bless them all.
  9. RobertC

    Terra Trailtopper Restoration Complete!

    Wow, that's nice too ! Look at all that chrome ! It sort of reminds me of a Speedway. Was the Hodaka powered version, a similar frame to your Hilltopper ?
  10. RobertC

    Brand new Colemen cc100x mini bike wont move

    First off make sure you've got the right amount of oil in the engine. When you say it won't move...does the motor make higher rpm's? Give us a little more description, so we can help you out. @Nlaw ...welcome to the forum by the way ! You're in the right place.
  11. RobertC

    Terra Trailtopper Restoration Complete!

    I'd like to see one of those come up for sale around here, but I've not ever seen one down south. Which seems odd, as my Sensation Mike Bike I had as a kid, was made in Ralston Nebraska but sold by retailers down south. We've got a manufacturers page, but I don't know if we detail areas of...
  12. RobertC

    Terra Trailtopper Restoration Complete!

    Great job. That turned out beautiful !
  13. RobertC

    What do I have?

    Where are you located...I see now Kansas. Are you willing to ship ? And how much are you asking. Please consider me in line
  14. RobertC

    Manco Thunderbird - Looking for some info on it

    Hey @bpjacobsen ...welcome to the forum. Nice find, at the best price. It's not missing anything, that's just how they ride...squirrelly huh ? I like your idea towards stability, and wonder about a more permanent solution.
  15. RobertC

    What do I have?

    Wow...what a find. That's a Powell mini bike.
  16. RobertC

    Where is Havasu Dave?

    @superflea yes, please tell him we said hello. Dave is so helpful. In addition to his awesome build threads, he was doing us all a big favor by moderating. Folks just can't leave well enough alone, and life is too short. Just my opinion by the way.
  17. RobertC

    Fantic Bronco TX6

    Nice !'re persistent !
  18. RobertC

    what are you listening to v.2.0

    Hey @Charles S thanks for all your contributions to this thread ! I'm just listening on my phone, but am not hearing any chattering. What a killer sound they have.
  19. RobertC

    Should I drive 3 1/2 (round trip) to buy this?

    That sure is. @f4radar , I think it was definitely worth your trip !
  20. RobertC

    Bolted Brake Bracket business..

    I think it looks fine @Minimichael If it works good, then you are good. Imo that is... :-)