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    muscle builds!AinqmFaefNIciRuiMDt8JORZyUk6 Not ever having a Facebook account I didn't know about any other mini bike site than this one, that was created for and focuses on vintage builds; not so much on custom or muscle builds. Here is one that does...
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    dude says to throw your Mikuni "out the window"

    I came across a big block mini drag unit that had this carb on it, hadn't heard of Lectron.
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    California event
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    Rat Fink tribute

    Finally decided to name my dragbike Rat Fink, a tribute bike 'like' Indian Larry's motorcycle lol
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    Predator 212 head, order now, only 2 left.
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    Dumb mini bike
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    newly built motor fail, need advice

    Every thing scrutinized again and again and cranking again and again til my shoulder is sore. The plug fires outside the cylinder, then after cranking for a while starts to get wet. It feels like it has the 11-1 compression it should have, and tried at 34* and 28* timing. The cam-crank dots are...
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    torque converter stall

    Comet says 3100 max engagement then sells springs and weights for up to 5300 rpm.. Does anyone have anything on 4000+ engagements? Is there anything in the Comet literature about it?
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    cooling tins

    Hello friends, Are cooling tins, the ones closing in the flywheel, critical on a mini, or are they primarily for a stationary motor?
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    taking exhaust outside the box

    I would like my new motor to be muffled a good deal. Even if it loses some power. This is the top of a stock GX200 muffler and I wonder about the circle shaped structure there. Would that be a good place for a second outlet? Has anyone drilled a stock muffler full of holes and it still sound...
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    valve train pressure

    A roller-tip billet arm next to a new billet arm. The other side of the roller-tip is slightly pooched-out from the pushrod being that close! 275 lift 1.3 rocker cro-mo pusher 6000rpm 26lb springs
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    Here I am in the land of giants

    I would like to build a dragster, rear-engined , with the motor and operator on the same plane, the operator directly in front of the motor, not above it. Think Top Fuel dragster but shorter... This will never happen, but I can dream large; would the group settle for a stretched doodlebug? Or...
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    Want a new/used camshaft

    I can get a new black mamba jr, shipped, for $88 from Isky. Anybody have a better deal with shipping to Ky.? It can be a good used one. , Thanks. Or a similar torque grind.
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    cam lobes

    This is an Isky 260/220/104 with many many hours on it. Will someone tell us what the heck is going on with both lobes losing their integrity? Is it repairable or has it lived out its life?
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    timing and acceleration

    I just read this on another thread: " My advise is install a 4 degree offset key to back your ignition timing from the built-in 32 your billet flywheel has that was engineered to run @ a continuous high rpm in narrow power bands on racing engines to a more acceleration friendly 28 degrees...
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    valves and valve seats

    Merry Christmas to all, What would be involved to correctly replace a 27mm intake valve with a 28mm? What about vice versa? (Both heads NR/Russell)
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    transmission explanation

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    backing plate fail

    A new comet backing plate was warped enough to not bolt on flat against the side, while waiting on another one, I had a shop do this...
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    NSFW: lewd, obscene images

    The Outlaw Minibike Scene Of Detroit, Michigan - Roadkill Says one guy has 27 minis...I'm afraid if I started on another one besides my beloved Hillbilly Deluxe it would cause hurt feelings and she would become hard to start and maybe develop slow leaks in the tires. Also, all I want...