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  1. gumpit

    1970 Tecumseh HS40 engine rebuilder needed

    My buddy is looking for someone who can totally go through an old HS40 and make it look and run like new. Or if you can’t make it look like new at least run like new with the ability to hone and put in new piston and rings if needed. Can properly time it. Adjust the carb...
  2. gumpit

    Best 6.5hp electric start clone

    Which clone with electric start is closest to the GX200 with electric start? For my Heald build I need one that I can put a torque cam in so I need to make sure I can get one that will have that part available. Other than maybe a jet kit,I want to keep it mainly stock appearing. Stock air...
  3. gumpit

    Heald Super Bronc Parts

    I need fenders, disc brake caliper. Various stuff. Like kickstand,footpegs. What do you have? 1970 Tecumseh HS35 for possible trade.
  4. gumpit

    New Heald VT10-40 project

    Needs a few pieces but Im already starting to gather them. Like the tank and seat. I need fenders. It has a Tecumseh HM100 Motor with what appears to be a lighting coil ,original muffler,motor will be coming off and being sold or traded possibly for some nice fenders. I’ll see if it fires with...
  5. gumpit

    ARCO ARX-K picked up at Swapmeet

    I said I wasn’t going to buy any more bikes unless it was a deal.. I think this was. But does anyone collect them? I couldn’t find any info on this model. It needs a spot fixed on the jackshaft mount. And needs a rear brake,sprocket and axle bolt. Not sure if it’s the original engine but for the...
  6. gumpit

    Mikuni vs........

    Why Mikuni? Is there actually a difference? Is it worth it? Vs.... maybe a Dover power carb bored out?
  7. gumpit

    Home made? But cool
  8. gumpit

    Who sold me (Gumpit) a GX390 in the last 2 years?

    I can’t find the thread and can’t remember for the life of me remember who it was. I bought a GX390 that had some stuff done to it.
  9. gumpit

    Heald VT1 or VTCL1.... VTCL-ONE get it VTCLONE

    Heald VT1 I picked up at Windber from chatten63 I just wanted an old school frame big enough for me. Getting the Hemi I built swapped over from my Wards with torque converter. I eliminated the jackshaft brake because I like brakes on the wheel. I went with a 6” band brake which worked well on a...
  10. gumpit

    What is it? But no pics.....

    I saw what appeared to be a factory chopper. It was hard to get at where it was and I didnt have my camera but the guy is going to try and get pics. Here is what I saw. Under the seat looked similar to a BIG Bear Scrambler loop. And the sissy bar went down and formed a loop that was a 90 degree...
  11. gumpit

    Lil Indian Outlaw 2 Chopper

    Picked thi up yesterday. Fun little rider. Carries me fine with the 6.0hp with Torque Converter. Has electric start but battery and switch isn’t hooked up.
  12. gumpit

    Picked up $100 basket case.

    What model and year is this 10” wheel MTD. He said the plastic tank leaks. Can that be sealed.
  13. gumpit

    What does this rim go to?

    Based on the condition of the paint I would think it is original. It has a blue line on one side which I am guessing that it either had a sprocket on the white only half at one point or it was on a kart where only one side mattered. 5”? Also you will notice that there is a little more material...
  14. gumpit

    Gomas Mini Bike Swapmeet and Race dates 2018

    Swapmeet May26th Massacre Race June 23rd Wareham Ma. Will post full details later
  15. gumpit

    Wanted Heald Super Bronc Tank

    Let me know how much you want for one shipped to either me in Ma. Or Rick Chatten in Wi. Thanks Randy
  16. gumpit

    Better get to Harbor Freight
  17. gumpit

    Building a Hemi....for Dummies

    I was thinking of all the people that come in here and ask questions about what they should do to their motors to get more hp. And to the newbee some of the answers might be confusing. So lets build a Hemi.... Step by step..... from the very start... as we go through each step I want to come to...
  18. gumpit

    Posting a link to photos

    I am trying to send a link to someone showing all my photo albums. I use to be able to do it but now its not working. Anyone?